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Whisper it quietly
By FootballGuru, 05-10-2021

About the reviewer: FIFA player since 1993, not a year missed. FUT Founder. No points this year except the 4600 - i trade a bit. Plays on Xbox new gen.

Hunter is the chem i went and Cam as position and led to the following:

Pace: 94 Sprint: 91 - More than enough for this years new gen meta.

Decisive, rapid and industrious 9/10

Shooting: Volleys and set piece maestro

Att pos: 80 Finishing: 84 Shot Power: 94 Long shots: 82 Volley: 99 Penalties: 99

I've already lost count the number of times he's banged one from edge of the D or slid in unmarked for a volley or half volley at the far post in rivals.

His finishing matches his stat for the most part and he wont convert everything especially not when in a body to body tussle as he shoots.

Penalty expert- make no mistake - also great free kicks (see other bits section) will turn an empty packet of crisps into a volley given a second (very fifa street or volta). 9/10

Passing: Intelligent cog in a machine

The stand outs here are Vision: 91 Short Pass: 87 and curve: 86

Beautifully rounded and extremely reliable - this is based on him being a cog in a like minded high end midfield. Will see the hard pass and not afraid to go for it.Great early crosses 9/10

Dribbling: Plays well over stats - ballet dancer by night

Balance:86 Composure: 90

Green all the way through and due to his nimbleness via body shape they play even better than the paper stats. Will turn on a sixpence and glide through narrow gaps while retaining balance 9/10

Defending and Physical: Staminas enough here , rest does'nt matter

Yellow for the most with a notable low of 31 for aggression. Stamina: 84 and Interceptions:78

If you for one second expect to do the rough stuff with a 5 foot 9 piece of delicate machinery then you are deluded. Will keep running the full 90 and intelligently so. Will use his brain at times to cut passing channels with his decent intercepts - quickly regains positioning after committing to such an action. 5/10

The Other Bits: 5 foot 9 wont win you many headers but then again if your lumping it on his bonce your to blame anyway. Medium/Medium suits my need fantastically and his intelligence makes sure he commits at the right times. I play him on the right side of a 3 CAM 1 ST diamond and as long as the CAM inside him is high/high its all gravy and he will come into his own.

4 star/ 4 star feel like they work as intended- not less ,not more

Power free-kick and early crosser traits speak for themselves - he is excellent at both.

Sublimely well rounded CAM

Huge value for money - 200k will serve you well till Christmas

As part of a well oiled machine Nakatas mid is absolutely awesome - play him in the wrong type of set up and with the wrong tactics hes not up to anything special

If your good at tactics and a football thinker this card will reward you over and over again and keep you smiling

Superb free kicks, penalties and early crosses, excellent volleys and positioning is way above card values. Highly intelligent player

Whisper it quietly but this card is cult amongst a certain set of fifa players and for good reason put him into the well oiled tactical genius that is your team and watch its performance go exponential

Not a game changer - more part of a well tactically defined philosophy and with the correct support around him

Not for everyone - most Fifa players wont understand Nakatas greatness as they wont have the patience to play the style that suits him to perfection

200k is maybe too much for non traders this early in game

Not RTG material - fits into a solid build not a player to carry you and build around

Formation: 4231
Position: CAM
Games: 40
GPG: 0.60
APG: 0.50
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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