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96 - TOTY
Very good to put in a high-rated SBC
By EdBennett, 11-02-2022

Packed this guy in an 81+ Double Upgrade SBC and obviously was gassed, a 96 TOTY from a super easy SBC.

However, after using him for 20 games I just gave up. His 96 feels more like 81/82; he's since been replaced by POTM De Gea who is worlds better. There is very little this card is actually good at, a shame because he's exceptional irl.


It's okay for high shots or low driven shots. Any shot aimed at about mid heigh though will go in, since he always seems to dive under the ball in these situations. Definitely doesn't live up to the stat and height combo though, feels more like 85/86.


Reflexes in 1v1 situations are fantastic. The height combined with his agility make it very hard for strikers to score close up in a 1v1 situation as he just sweeps out and smothers them. Sadly however, this is pretty much all he can do to a good standard.

Reflexes when saving those near-post shots from the wing are shocking, lets them in every single time. Also seems to get nutmegged a lot which is pretty embarrassing tbh.


Handling's alright- sometimes catches the ball from a dive where other keepers wouldn't but also sometimes spills it in to dangerous areas where other keepers would catch it. Pretty 50/50.


Possibly his worst attribute ingame, very frequently out of position and seems to struggle to get back into position quickly. I never really understood how important GK Positioning was in FUT until I used Donna.


Feels very fast ingame which again allows him to be very effective at reflex saves in close up 1v1 situations.


Really nice goal kicks, poor throws so overall I'd give it a 7/10


Overall I'd recommend 100% DO NOT BUY. If you packed him untradeable and are a very good defender then maybe you'll consider using him because he looks good in a squad, but if you need a good Ligue 1 goalkeeper, 84 IF Lafont is still the best by a very large margin, and literally 5 times cheaper. Donnarumma is great in close up 1v1 situations where he can sweep out of goal and smother the player, but that is literally all he actually excels in, everything else is either merely adequate or poor. The only use for this card for me was in an SBC.

Good reflexes close up

Feels very fast


Good kicking

Good Diving for high shots

Lets in so many near post shots

Always seems to dive under the ball if it's a shot at mid-low height

Concedes goals where the ball goes straight through his legs

Often spills the ball back in to dangerous areas when making a diving save

Very poor positioning ingame

No Saves with Feet Trait

Formation: 41212
Position: GK
Games: 20
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.00
Pace (5/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (5/10)
Dribbling (5/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (5/10)
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