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82 - IF
Mr. Underrated
By Zlatan213, 07-10-2021



Manchester United should sign this guy. He was good last season and he has been bossing it this season with Monaco and the France National Team

I have been following this guy now for 2 seasons and he is always getting better and better I really want him to come to Man United.

What can he do?

He is Mr. Underrated his stats are crazy, there are only 5 stats where he has less than 73. He is very complete. But what can he do? Or what is he best at? He really can do almost everything, he is 6´2 strong decently paced CDM who can deliver quality passes is solid on the ball and rock in the defence.


I tried him out in 3 different formations because I am running 4 different types of formation in-game.

  1. Lone CDM in a 41212(2 ) - I think is his best position. He is the boss in that position. There he moves like Patrick Vieira just have him on Stay Back and Cut Passing Lanes you got yourself a cheap Patrick Vieira. I played him there with KDB and Verratti and let me tell you that midfield just ticks! I had IF Kimmich and Goretzka before him and Verratti and I think you know which I prefer more. (Kimmich and Goretzka are really good tho)
  2. Double pivot in 4231 - There I played him with Renato Sanches who came off the bench a couple of times cuz I don´t like having Verratti in that position. He played really good as the more defensive one. Had him there on Stay Back to control the tempo and be the Anchor of my midfield.
  3. CB in 532 - This is my All Out Attack formation and he plays really really good as a CB in this formation which does really not surprise me that much but he´s class there as a RCB with Van Dijk and Kimpembe


Very affordable, will probably go for 11k this weekend so yeah he is deffinetly worth the coins

Similar Players

Very very similar to Patrick Vieira

Casemiro is bit like him in the defence but Tchouaméni is alot better on ball player

Allan is kinda similar but Tchouaméni is more of a Beast and has more presence

I feel like Petit is similar

Chemistry Style

Definetly Shadow for DEF and PACE upgrade

That´s it for the review if you liked it put a like on it for me and try IF Tchouaméni out if you can link him in your team

Thanks for reading.

  • His Passing is top notch, he has 82+ in everything that matters for a good passer in the CDM role and the Long Pass Trait.
  • Defending is where he turns into a beast, he is 6´2 with 85 strength, 81 aggression 82 S/T and 81 Interceptions and believe me his stats are like Base Icon Blanc they are better than they seem.
  • Dribbling is good - 79 Agility and 73 Balance is his "worst" stats in the dribbling category and thats pretty good for a 6´2 CDM, the rest is between 81-83
  • Very solid Pace. Deffinetly not slow.

  • High attacking work rate makes him to high up the pitch sometimes when he is in a double pivot midfield role (never when he is in a Lone CDM position)
  • He´s not bad at anything specific I mean take a look at the card he has literally no weaknesses
  • Links - yeah he´s French but it´s hard to Green Link him cuz he Mbappe is a billion coins and Kimpembe or Yedder are the only options for green link
Formation: 41212-2
Position: CDM
Games: 12
GPG: 0.08
APG: 0.25
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (5/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (8/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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