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99 - ShapeShifters
THE GOAT! CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo)
By GasMuncher, 15-09-2022

I was lucky to pack this card out of one of my 85x10's and i put him right into my squad. I put an ENGINE chem style on him and played him at right ST in a 3-5-2 formation. First thing I noticed about him was that he was really aggressive, he would always press players and run to try and intercept the ball. Then I had a 1 on 1 with a defender and I decided to do an elastico, which came off beautifully with a burst of speed and an easy finish against the goalkeeper, which he slotted top right. I had a corner and I manually moved Ronaldo to the back post and he jumped over ShowDown Kounde and it went flying into the bottom corner. This card is amazing and overall it is a 10/10 player for me.

Shooting: He finishes everything, barely ever shoots off target

Strength: He bodies lots of players off the ball

Aggression: He is very eager to get the ball and intercepts it very well

Passing: Isn't amazing but does the job and hits the target 9/10 times

Pace: Decently fast but because of his body type he isn't as rapid as players like Futties Saint Maximan and players like that (kind of like Hero shapeshifters Ginola)

Dribbling: Very good dribbler. Keeps the ball close to him and can turn directions easily, however can feel a bit stiff at times as he's 6'2

Corners/Headers: If he gets his head to the ball from a corner it's going in

Price: (1.8M)

Running Technique: He runs a bit awkwardly but it just takes a bit of getting used to

4 Star WF: If you want to be picky. Personally I don't mind it

Formation: 352
Position: ST
Games: 7
GPG: 1.29
APG: 0.57
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (10/10)
Defending (3/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Hello guys,this year i opened a lot of packs during EA Play so that i had the chance to buy Ronaldo really cheap. I had to decide between him and Mbappe and chose him. I love to see him back in the United Jersey! I think he‘s one of the best players for this years meta. He‘s fast, agile and tall. His pace downgrade balance is no big deal. His attacking positioning and Runs are just phenomenal an...
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Astonishing! (Cristiano Ronaldo POTM 94)

After trying this card out for a few hours I have come to a conclusion about his price & the quality you will get. I play him RS in a 41212(2) alongside TOTS Zaha. I strongly suggest you play him there as well, now, about the card, on stats you can already tell the shooting & heading on CR7 is always going to be one of the best in the game, he never misses, he is strong & ver...
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Game Changer

So where do I start...Im lucky enough that i had a lot of packluck and some trading skills. After i saw the LF 99 card of CR7 i had to snipe him. The LF Cristiano got my emotions. He’s my main Striker in 4231 or plays next to Messi or Mbappe in 4222. He is unreal. He makes unbelievable runs and is always on position. 
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