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87 - Europa League
Broken. Well and truly broken.
By JJFIFA989, 16-10-2021

Before this card was released, I was playing with his 700 coin gold card in my 1.5 million coin team and loving him. So, this card came out and I could not pass it up. He's a marked improvement on that card, and his Gold card is very very overpowered this year. There are 2 ways to play this card and I honestly believe that you need to play him 1 way over the other to enjoy the most success. Most people I have seen play him the other way though, which for me is losing out on the best aspects of this card (see below). The thing with Isak's card is that he has every characteristic that could make him meta on this game, and this year, the card makes the most use out of all of them. Last year his TOTS, Summer Stars and FFS cards were spectacular, fun and meta in their own inimitable way. The same applies here, but with the volume turned up in my opinion. The way the game plays this year better suits his lethal combo of being 6ft 4, H/L Workrates, fast, a good finisher, 5 star WF and 4 star skill moves. Try this card in a lone striker formation like a 4231, with a Hunter, on Stay Central, Get in Behind and Stay Forward and you'll see how dangerous his AI runs are. They're cracked.

As I mentioned there are 2 ways to play this card. 1. Put an engine on him, play him more as a target man, linking up the play and being more nimble than a card like Lukaku, Kane. And 2. Play him with a Hunter as a Get in Behind striker, with perhaps a little clunkiness, not the best passing etc. I want to stress this: the best option is number 2. This guy has been killing it for me in Elite Division Rivals and WL and he brings goals to your team like few others.

Let's start from the top:

1.Attacking AI. The H/L workrates combined with the size, body type and 99 sprint speed with Hunter, mean that if you play this guy on Get in Behind he's a demon. Always on the last shoulder, moving so intelligently looking for that ball in behind and when you play him in, he's very difficult to stop. For me, he makes the most intelligent get in behind runs in the game - similar to how Werner's Leipzig cards used to. Worst comes to worst, his incredible runs create space for your CAM to do damage with long shots, timed finesses etc.

2. 5 star WF - When he gets in those good positions, he has really lethal finishing on either foot. Makes it very difficult for your opponent to guess what you might do.

3. 97 Finishing with the Hunter - In the box, this guys finishing is pretty clinical by FIFA 22 standards. The boosted composure on the card is also really noticeable from the Gold. The Gold had 77 composure and it would catch you out sometimes where he would fluff a few easy chances. The +4 composure makes a big difference here, combined with the finishing boost.

4. Height and Strength. The strength boost is also really noticeable from the Gold card, which enables him to maximise his height and general size. His presence in game as a lone striker, is really nice, he's good at winning the 50/50s, getting jammy FIFA chances from just his sheer nuisance factor. He can hold the ball up if you need to giving him that extra dimension, but again, I don't think you should play him solely to do this (as you would with a Harry Kane type of striker)

5. The dribbling with this guy (again boosted nicely from the Gold). He twists and turns with the left stick really nicely in the box - its brilliant for creating scoring opportunities on either foot.

6. The body type. Very rare combo that you find with Talisca and not many else. He's tall but lean. Means he is very responsive for a big man, can twist and turn - very different to a target man type player and makes him faster than he otherwise would be.

7. Price. If you are able to get him in your team on full chem and maximise what this card brings, he's very undervalued.

8.EAids. Few cards in this game can match this guy for EAids. I felt it with the Gold and now with this also. When the ball is loose in the opponent's final third, this card has a way of winning the ball in the final third and scoring jammy goals.

There are cons however - I'm not going to sit here and tell you he's the perfect card when he isn't:

1.The balance. I know, the balance is low and you're thinking, I'm putting that engine on to boost it. But trust me, don't bother. He will do the occasional falling over animation, but that can be a bonus in the box as well, getting you more penalties. His balance isn't perfect, but the way he plays IG for me, its a minor con and with the other base dribbling stats, he feels clean on the left stick.

2.The composure. Whilst a marked improvement on the Gold card, he still will fluff the occasional sitter. The thing is though, through his movement and ability, he will get more chances than the vast majority of cards in the game. If he misses 2 good chances, but is able to create many, many more in the game by his insane AI runs, you're still going to score a crazy number of goals

3. Long passing. DON'T PLAY THIS GUY ANYWHERE OTHER THAN STRIKER. Goes without saying. 85 short pass and 82 vision is more than enough for a ST though. All the passes you will do with this guy, you'll have no issue. Just don't try to launch the ball from one side of the pitch to the other. I've never had any problems with his link up short passes, or through balls to a CAM overlapping etc. at all

4.Stamina. Again, a marked improvement on the 70 stamina of the Gold, but he will need to be subbed off in Extra Time. By contrast, the Gold would usually last 70-80 mins for me

5.No Finesse Shot trait. His finesse's have been ok for me, but nothing great, but again, you should only play this guy as a lone striker on get in behind. He is a penalty box striker, who scores tons in the box, not out of it..

Formation: 4231
Position: ST
Games: 5
GPG: 4.20
APG: 1.60
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (9/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (5/10)
Physicality (9/10)
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Isak esta rotisimo brothers

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