the next prilo

Bought tonali as soon as he came out as i loved his futties/player moments card last year and he did not disappoint.

20 games in champs with 8 goals and 7 assists as a cm in a 41212(2). Tonali + kessie + llorente made up the midfield which basically carried me to rank 3.

He outperformed both kessi and llorente, and for 130-140k, hes prolly the best cm/dm u can buy

Pace-9/10: i used a shadow on him which brings it up to 95 pace w 91 accel and 99 ss. felt fast enough to catch up to most players

Shooting- 8/10: I have no idea why but this man channeled his inner elon musk because he sent fking rockets with his right foot. All 8 goals were powershots from the edge of the box/slightly inside of the box. despite the 76 shooting his shots felt better than kdbs. never expected for his shooting to be that good.

Passing 8/10: the 86 passing stat shows in game, nothing too special tho

Dribbling 7/10: he felt quite responsive but with him being 181cm + his body type; he wasnt like IF barella or anything but the dribbling was sufficnet for his position

Defending 9/10: absolute monster, chased everyone down and regained possession more times than i can count

Physicality 8/10: he felt fairly strong and 83 stamina is decent, but could be better imo.

3* skills (not really an issue for his position and 4* skills isnt as important

Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (9/10)
Physicality (8/10)
Other Reviews
Sandro Tonali
I want to keeps this simple. He is cracked. I was trying to save fodder but then this sbc came and it was a no brainer. He is a key part of milans midfield so he will definetly upgrade atleast 2 times
Sandro Tonali
Gattuso and Pirlos baby?
Hello my fellow futters! Hope you are all doing well! For reference I usually play in ELITE div top 1%So, Tonali. The magician. I was a really big fan of his Moments card last year and have been using his UCL card for some time now and REALLY been enjoying it, so it was inevitable that I would complete this card as soon as I saw him. And let me just say this. Oh MY GOD how good he performs for me. The man is literally everywh...
Sandro Tonali
Beast at cdm
I got this guy in reds and used him in a 41212(2) at cdm. He was on stay back while attacking and he was incredible. I used an anchor which I think is the best chem style for him because he felt incredible physically and defensively and his pace felt good too but not like 98 (with the anchor pace boost). It felt more like 94 but was still good. He felt surprisingly smooth on the ball and the 4* skills upgrade was nice too. Bu...