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91 - Rare
By chaleur, 23-10-2021

oh kevin, how lucky i was to pack u in early access, my first walkout of this FIFA. KDB surpassed my expectations by acres upon acres, especially his shooting, a "mere" 82 base finishing. Firstly chem styles, undoubtedly the best is the Hawk. I have tried Hunter, Finisher, Marksman, Basic and the Hawk is just freaking insane. Long shots with either foot are guaranteed. The shot power, unparalleled. The 87 finishing feels like 99. He has missed ZERO in the box chances in 30 games on the Hawk and i mean ZERO. DO NOT BE PUT OFF BY THE 87 FINISHING, TAKE IT AS 99 due to the 99 shot power, 91 ball control and 89 composure. The passing, is it even surprising that he is the heart of my team, the man that sprays balls into onrushing fullbacks on either flank with either foot with devastating accuracy? The long passing is perfect, a 10. Certain animations are exclusive to KDB and remind you of the man irl. Oh dear Kevin, you are here to stay until at least TOTY, maybe even TOTS.


Passing especially long passing

5 star weak foot

Strength with Hawk


Formation: 3412
Position: CAM
Games: 120
GPG: 0.58
APG: 0.54
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (10/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (6/10)
Physicality (8/10)
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He is a beast

Genuinely no complaints with the card, he fits everything a cam needs to be good in his game he can feed good balls through to strikers, can bang long shots with either foot and he can dribble well
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Super fun card

Super fun card to use and the price is high for a 74 card, but not for this one!If you have a more meta team this might not be the beast for you, but to the people that just want to play FIFA for fun and still win with some incredible assists this one is for you.He is cheaper and better than his gold card IMO (i have played with both)10 GAMES12 ASSISTS2 GOALS (BANGERS)
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De Bruyne De GOAT

So, I got him in my reds making him my biggest pull so far in champs rewards (second best pull overall if not for Prime Puskas). The stats and the price speak for themselves, and if you have him he's a must-play. Let´s get into a deeper view:So, I play him in a 4321 as a box to box with Nkunku and Sissoko on "Stay Back". However, I make my RF drop back on defense and De Bruyne's job is to defend as a LM. I really do...
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