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85 - Rulebreakers Obj.
Fellaini the GOAT
By milan1klas, 08-11-2021

As soon as I saw my boy in the Objectives section, I forgot about my remaining 10 games of the WL, and completed him straight away, after doing that, I came to the conclusion that I needed to change my team around to fit him in, and OMG what was I right, he formed a CM duo with Gravenberch RTTK in a 4411 formation, I'm not gonna lie, I love Gravenberch in real life, but he was invincible on the pitch during my last 10 WL games, not because he is bad or anything, no, just because Fellaini stole the show by his own.

To link him in the squad I started as a 4321 formation, with Fellaini as a striker, Overmars as my LF, and Okocha as my RF. now into the midfielders, Galeno Red Player Pick (LCM), Kudus Rulebreakers (middle CM), with Gravenberch as my RCM. With a defense from the left to the right: Wendell Red Player Pick, Verissimo RTTK, de Ligt RTTK, and Cuadrado, with Casillas in goal.

So as I mentioned before in the review, I was rocking the 4411 formation, with Fellaini & Gravenberch as my 2 CM's, Gravenberch as my Stay Back while attacking CM, with Fellaini as my Balanced CM. Kudus in the RM spot, Galeno in the LM spot, with Okocha as a CAM, following Overmars as my striker.

In the first game I played with Fellaini, I was 7-3 in the WL, which is normal for me, im just a casual player who likes to try out different cards instead of following the meta, it pisses me off to see the same players every single game, like Kimpembe, Mendy, Fekir, Dembele etc. but that's the game I guess, but do you know who doesn't care about that? Marouane Fellaini, he bullies through the midfield, the attack, the defense, and even the goalie if he needs to, what a freaking card to be released in the second month of the game man, but I like it. With his 194cm he wins almost every single header there is available, so yes indeed, he scored 2 goals out of a corner for me to get me to the Rank ll rewards in the WL (12-5).

My recommendation for everyone, is to complete this card if you have the time for it, it shouldn't take you much longer then around 1 hour, if you follow the golden goal rule, to get yourself an incredible card in the club for the rest of the year.

The last thing I want to mention is something else, I have made 4 reviews now, the first one was on Lukaku Gold (Fifa 21), the second one on Lukaku OTW (Fifa 22), the third one on Overmars88 (Fifa 22), and this is the fourth one, let me know if you want me to make a YouTube channel where I actually show my gameplay about the player I do make these reviews on, I have the time to make them, but don't know if I should invest my energy into making those reviews if nobody will watch them, so let me know for sure! :)

  • Pace (he feels like his 99 pace halloween card from a few years ago)
  • Shooting (If you want you can rock him for fun as a ST, his shooting is incredible for a CM card, so give a go if you want)
  • Passing (with the backbone chem style, he has everything you need, but mainly his deserved passing boost)
  • Dribbling (for a 194cm player, he feels really agile, with of course great other Dribbling stats)
  • Defending (everything you want from a CDM/CM he has it 100%)
  • Strength (of course the 194cm helps him a little bit, but with the legs like Vieira his strength is outstanding)
  • Work Rates (Med/Med is perfect for me as a CM, so he is always in the right position)
  • Easy to Complete (It shouldn't take you more then an hour or so)
  • End Game CM (If you can link him for the rest of the year, this is in my eyes, a card that you can use for the rest of the game cycle)
  • Headers (He wins it all fam)
  • Finesse Shots (I know it sounds weird saying this because its a CM card, but I did score 2 beautiful Finesse shots in my 10 WL games)
  • Stamina (ofc 80 might be enough for some of you, but I like to have at least 90 on my CM's)
  • 3*3* (Its a CDM/CM, so you shouldn't really care about his 3*3*, but still 4*4* is way better)
  • Links (4321 / 451 formation are the best formations for him, but after that, he is quite hard to link)
  • Injury Prone Trait (just a small con, but I had to mention it)

Formation: 4411
Position: CM
Games: 10
GPG: 0.50
APG: 0.30
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (8/10)
Passing (9/10)
Dribbling (8/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)
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