Fraudulent At Best
By MooseM8, 27-11-2021

The saying usually goes that the third times the charm, yet that is not always the case, certainly not for Anthony Gordon. After being gifted with Sulemana and a cheeky Jota we were already packed with LW options for silver stars. Yet EA decided to push further and give another in Gordon, now more linkable and even upgradeable! How fantastic! He genuinely looked like a really good card with the prospect of incredible dribbling, and since using Olsen I wasn't afraid of a tall striker to top my silver team. Gordon doesn't look to try to be meta, yet there was certainly potential for something special. Except that Gordon's Numbers Up card is anything but fantastic.

I've played Gordon as right Striker in a 4222 (sometimes move in game to right CAM) with hawk and deadeye next to Olsen (silver stars legend), and the difference is night and day, which I will hope to cover in this review.

Pace: 7/10

Considering how many pacey silver stars there are and how many more pacey silver cards that are used in the gamemode, combined with the fact that most silver star teams flow like GoT with an incredible beginning in the attackers, trailing off in the midfield and then dying in the defence with slow defenders used for chemistry, pace usually isn't the greatest worry in silver stars. Yet Gordon still manages to shock me. The amount of times he will be through on goal (attacking runs mentioned later) and a defender will catch up really sucks, especially as Gordon has supposedly reasonable pace. The hawk helped a bit but he still didn't feel fast at all. Not slow, yet not impressing with any running ability.

Shooting: 4/10

Yes I'm dead serious, Gordon's shooting is that bad, maybe even worse. The reason I switched from hawk to deadeye was because Gordon couldn't score anything at all (and had woeful passing). Most shots on target are saved, yet most shots are off target, especially coming from any sort of angle. Oh and don't even try shooting with the left foot, that's just a guaranteed goal kick. I guess I was expecting too much from 72 shooting, yet I've been surprisingly impressed with a number of players with horrible shooting stats scoring some brilliant goals this year. Gordon's just one of those players that should be good, and especially should be good with a chem style, yet always manages to disappoint. What sucks as well is that his shooting wasn't too bad in his first match, yet dropped off even in the silver beasts challenge very quickly. Also I'll mention attacking runs here, or lack thereof. Gordon always manages to be stagnant in attack, making few runs, and staying in positions that give the opposition a good chance to steal possession. The few times he decides to run, even when pushed consistently with L1, he will end up in offside positions so the option is ruined, and then stay offside for ages. In the box he also disappears frequently, although to be fair he'd probably miss more opportunities anyway. Shooting is probably the most disappointing of Gordon's stats.

Passing: 4/10

Again, Gordon doesn't fail to disappoint. Even with a deadeye, I can decisively say that his passing is tragic. So many short passes get intercepted for no reason compared to my other silvers who are fine, through balls go wayward (especially lobbed through balls), driven passes are okay but pretty inaccurate, and he loves to target the wrong player anyway. Passing is a stat to fall back on when every other stat fails, yet Gordon still sucks here too.

Dribbling: 7/10

Even though I'm giving this the same rating as pace, Gordon's best aspect is dribbling. He doesn't feel overly clunky and can be pretty smooth on the ball. That being said, he doesn't keep the ball tight to his feet like most good players so he loses the ball a lot anyway and the r1 and l1 dribbles are quite poor. 3* skills make this stat even worse as you can't try to do some crazy skills to beat opponents anyway. Also Gordon doesn't feel as responsive as other tall silvers anyway, which kinda sucks. I'm not 100% certain on this but I'm pretty sure that his stat boost is in dribbling, so I feel like eventually he can be pretty redeemable and make good plays down the wing.

Defence: 2/10

I know Gordon has bad defensive stats and he's being played in attacking roles, yet he's still lacking that aggression and ability to get rare tackles with good pressure that can ruin an opponent's plays out from defence and get very mean counters. Gordon's long legs are good for some standing tackles although most result in rebounds as he lacks the finesse to cleanly tackle. Also even with pressing stats Gordon is one of the lazier players.

Physical: 4/10

Another harsh mark for a stat I thought could make him a secret gem. Even with hawk, Gordon tends to get bodied by every defender and can lose possession pretty easily. He also doesn't feel to be a force with his height for headers in the way Olsen and Nteka are. Also doesn't have sticky feet trait so the lack of physicals combines to make a very weak, easy to dispossess card.


I already sort of mentioned these, but Gordon has the worst standards for 3*3*. The limited useful skill moves he can do are pretty slow anyway. Gordon doesn't look to be the type of player you look to skill with anyway, yet when all his stats are so bad you really hope for some redeeming factor. The weak foot is dreadful, every shot goes wide and there's no power. I know it's 3*, but when Adama and Silas can rock 2* wf and hit top bins almost every time with their weak foot, you can always find a hidden gem, yet Gordon is not this at all.

Overall: 5/10

Value for money: 10/10 (He's free)

Game changer: 0/10 (only negative changes, any pacey silver winger can do the same job).

Stamina: 5/10 (lasts the match just like all the other silvers).

Final comment:

I really had high hopes for Gordon to be something special. Unfortunately he feels very lacklustre in every way with some stats especially disappointing and no redeeming factor. Yet. Why yet? I know this review has felt very resentful towards Gordon, however there's three reasons why he's not a worst case possible. One: Links. Gordon gives a juicy strong link to the english Gullit Chalobah (legit same body type and height and has the same sort of presence, just a silver version) and rico henry, plus will gives lots of green or orange links to prem and english players throughout silver stars. That way you can perceive Gordon as a card not made to be a standout but more a sort of glue to hold together some incredible cards, which brings me to my second point: Positioning. I used Gordon at striker because he looked similar to Olsen and I love Olsen so it seemed that the duo should be awesome, however Gordon's terrible stats really suck up top. He rarely scores and assists, leaving Olsen to do the hard work. However, Olsen on the wing or as a cam is far better. I'm most likely going to give up on trying to shoot and apply a catalyst, giving Gordon great pace, better passing, and using the dribbling more effectively. And my third point: It's a numbers up. This is a guaranteed upgrade in December which should already give Gordon some minor improvements to be less woeful, plus he eventually gets 99 dribbling (again not 100% sure but that's what I've seen around the place, if it's pace then that's awesome too) so the card could eventually be very smooth and usable as a CAM even towards the end of the game. So it's not a lost cause, just don't expect much from Gordon as he won't fail to disappoint in game. Thanks for reading.

  • Chemistry links
  • Will get upgrades
  • Meh pace
  • Woeful shooting
  • Bad weak foot
  • Horrible attacking runs and positioning
  • Awful passing
  • Dribbling a little loose so can lose the ball easily
  • Weak on or off the ball
Formation: 4222
Position: ST
Games: 14
GPG: 0.50
APG: 0.36
Pace (7/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (4/10)
Dribbling (7/10)
Defending (2/10)
Physicality (4/10)
I Mean It's Good, But...
By Ibo1115, 18-11-2021

Let me preface this by saying he is good. Don't get it twisted. But not every card can be 5/5 stars. People on this site don't typically like critical and honest reviews, but I won't lie!

Alright, we all know Silver Lounge is the best mode in the game. That's not some hot take. That is merely the truth. But, EA have been massive frauds with the players they are releasing. We have Kamaldeen. We have Jota. We don't need another LW. We need a CB and a CM. We need BALANCE!!

I hate playing players off chem. I avoid it as much as I can, but to use this card, admittedly, I played with him on 8. I linked him with Nuno Tavares in a 4-5-1 and switched to a 4-3-3 in game and played Anthony at LW. I replaced Kamaldeen on 10-chem with Gordon on 8. Big difference.

Here's what I think:

  • Gordon is very nice on the ball. The height and dribbling combo is very fun to play with. He's not clunky in the slightest. Is he better on the ball than Sulemana? It's debatable. They are very different players. 3*3* v/s 4*4* as well. Your choice (we all know the better option).

  • He's fast enough. Not as fast as Sulemana, but faster than most every other player in the Lounge. With a Hawk pace is not an issue.

Those are both good. Here is the bad.

  • He cannot pass. I don't know what it is. Gameplay? Me? I don't think so. The other players on my team can pass just fine. Gordon cannot, for the life of this card, pass the ball accurately. The amount of clear cut chances that this card's passing ruined is beyond explanation. Maybe my Gordon got swapped for Gordon Ramsey because I just can't find the sauce I want (kind of a stretch of a joke but I'm leaving it in!).

  • He's meh at shooting. Like most silver players, he struggles sometimes to hit the target. Nteka is the only silver player I can rely on shooting, so it's not a big deal that Gordon can't shoot. (I scored a crazy chip shot with him first game. Must have been the debut boost, because he struggles to shoot now)

  • Physicals are alright, but they are boosted with the Hawk.

It has to be a Hawk I think. I would love to get a passing boost, but I tried Deadeye and Basic and I didn't like them. He's much better with a Hawk.

Is he going to replace Kamaldeen for my squad? No. I can get Sulemana on full chem, and I find him to be a better player. However, if you missed Kamaldeen, Gordon will definitely be worth picking up for your future Silver Stars endeavours. I think Gordon will be a bench player for me alongside Josh, Jota, and Layun. At least I've got options now.


Acquirable in the best game mode

Decent card

Prem for link to Nketiah and Joelinton

LW/LM again

Upgrade will happen in 20 years

Not better than Sulemana


Formation: 433
Position: LW
Games: 5
GPG: 0.60
APG: 0.20
Pace (8/10)
Shooting (6/10)
Passing (1/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (1/10)
Physicality (5/10)