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87 - Out Of Position SBC
Ansu Fati - not overpriced anymore
By Ryjek23, 19-11-2022

The first time I saw this card I thought it was kinda overpriced, but over time it turned out to be overpowered.

Now, after the shadow patch, using this card is pure pleasure.

Maybe Shakira's hips don't lie (Pique continues to cry), but the stats on this card sure do.

I played this card with hunter chemistry style to max out the pace to 99/99 (i'm disgusting sure a pace merchant) as a right striker in 5-2-1-2 formation (yea, i know), paired with Kewell WC as left striker and Ginola as CAM, behind them. And, believe me or not, Fati moves like an brand new Aventador, because his acceleration with highly rated positioning keeps him in the perfect spot, especially when you are passing to him with L1 + triangle (which is OP as every year).

The passes on the card are not phenomenal, but enough for a little tiki-taka. Short passing is good and long passing doesn't matter, because you are trying to make as many through ball passes as possible, but Fati should be the target of them. 

Even though the card only has 87 balance, Fati spins around like a Beyblade and makes opposing defenders look like fools. This is probably due to the agility and unique body type on the card (similar to Ronaldinho, for example, who also has relatively low balance, but... moves like Jagger).

He is soooo clinical with his shooting, but man, he has 99 finishing with hunter chem, so what would you expect?

Looking at 56 strength, you can imagine a little sparrow that is moved even by a slight gust of wind. Nothing more wrong, Fati is a sparrow on drugs and steroids. Thanks to his unique body type, he is not often outbodied by defenders, he usually glitches through them and leaves them behind. What is surprising, he can jump and score the headers in proper situations. For sure, he is not physicall striker, he won't bully Van Dijks or Koulibalys, but he feels much stronger than Insigne/Messi-type players, has like Mbappe/Eto'o feeling while on the ball.

Additionally, this card plays like it has been enchanted - I mean brief moments of magic when Fati does mesmerizing plays like heel shots, sometimes even if you don't trigger it.

For me, as 3rd DR div, ~11 WL wins he is gamechanger and from trio Kewell/Fati/Ginola I'm considering Ansu the most fun to play with.

The card is a lot of fun to play, has 4/4, usefull H/M workratios. Is its price high? Undoubtedly, you will freeze a lot of fodder and there will probably be a plenty of alternatives soon. But the card is definitely not overpriced. A must have for Barcelona fans - do it or you'll regret it later. For the rest, still a very decent card to have, looks better in game than stats on the card says.

acceleration and sprint speed combined with positioning

unique body type making card very agile

short passing


strength (sometimes)

price (but i don't think value is that awful)

cheaper alternatives

Formation: 5212
Position: ST
Games: 50
GPG: 1.24
APG: 0.76
Pace (10/10)
Shooting (10/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (4/10)
Physicality (7/10)
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So i did this SBC when it came out as i am a huge barca and ansu fan and i have been waiting since it got leakedI agree, he is way too overpriced he should have been 150-200k but ea is eaNow on to the card, i used him lw in game with a finisher togheter with dembele and danjuma.He feels alot like dembele on the wing with him being rapid and the same body type, he is quick on the ball and great dribbling...
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He is very decent , he runs past the defenders like mbappe his shooting inside the box isnt the best . With the Insite Foot shot trait you dont feel his weakfoot , in terms of passing he is very very good , 1 thing that i noticed was the many balls that he recovered. Physically he is very weak. He is also a INSANE dribbling
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Shawty got that Fati

To start off, a bit of context, when the jubalani ball came out, I immediately bought Diego Forlan, however he disappointed me. When on the search for a new La Liga/Ligue 1 striker, only one man stood out to me, OOP Anssumane Fati. Whether or not I was willing to put the Forlan fund into an untradable player was uncertain, but powered by nostalgia from his FIFA 21 POTM card, I took a leap of faith, and I'd recommend you tak...
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