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89 - World Cup Hero
Honestly Amazing
By aussiefrog, 09-01-2023

The Story:

I recently did the 86+ Base or WC Hero PP, as I wanted to try my luck at getting someone who might change my team and stay there dominating for months. I was hoping for WC Capdevila, WC Forlan, or any of the high tier WC Heroes, so when I saw my two options, which were WC Mascherano and Base Marquez, I was very disappointed. I did think however, that Mascherano could fit my team, as the Gold Rudiger I owned played terribly in my last Weekend League. So, I decided to choose Mascherano, and boy, I won't regret my decision for months.


His pace is honestly wonderful. I play him with a shadow, as his pace seems quite low for a CB (78 PAC to 86 PAC), but he is so quick and surprising as he almost teleports on the pitch for me. He can catch up to quick attackers and strip the ball off them just as easy.


I mean for a CB/CDM, his shooting (56 SHO) is terrible, but again, he isn't like the Schweinsteiger's or Kroos' of the FUT world. He makes up for this in all his other statistics.


For 77 PAS, it honestly looks way worse than it plays in game, and I can't seem to recognise many issues with it. Again, as a CB/CDM, his passing is more than enough to get out of any risky situations, and can quite often make plays after tackling a fast attacker and playing it up the pitch. His passing is more than enough, and another underrated feature of his card.


Again, with 77 DRI, it looks worse than how it is in game. He moves very smoothly, and with a pace boost, he is quite agile and feels slightly like Kante in previous FIFA's. He moves very smoothly, and doesn't feel like a truck at all. His height may also help him with being agile (only standing at 5'9"), but he still moves very well.


Before adding a Shadow, his card has a whopping 90 DEF and can go to 96 DEF with a shadow (every DEF stat is above 95 except Heading Acc.), and it shows tremendously. Rarely do I see him get called for fouling, and he can often win rough slide tackles and standing tackles, then can come out with a quick escape to create a counter attack. After 12 games (yes it isn't much, but he has shown a high amount of class already), he has no yellow cards, and no red cards, but is already so dominant in my back 4.


He has 87 PHY in game, but the lowest of those four stats, is his Strength. Do not be alarmed, because this stat feels so fake in game, and feels more like 90-99 Strength. He often bodies the other teams attackers, sending them to the floor and then running away like nothing happened. He'll body slam other players in standing tackles and just walk it off like nothing. Almost nobody has been able to push him off the ball against me, so it just makes him even better. He may seem a little risky at 5'9" for a CB, but he is so good physically, as long as you have another CB who is better at heading the ball, he will do anything else.


This card is such a steal for any team. Currently, he's priced just over 120k (143k to be exact), and is already more than worth the price tag. If you pulled him for free, you've gotten an even better deal than you expected, and is more than worth trying out in either of his positions.


WC Mascherano is quite a quiet card, and as noticeable, nobody has written a review on him before this, so I had to get the truth out about this card. He seems almost perfect in both CB and CDM, and because of his already perfect 3 Chemistry, he will fit in any team. If you wanted a solid CB/CDM who could help your Premier League team, or to even build around, I highly recommend WC Mascherano.

Blistering speed for a CB/CDM

World Class Defending Ability (one of, if not the best defence in the game)

Secretly Amazing Physicality and Strength

His Hidden Passing and Dribbling Stats


Heading Ability


Formation: 4222
Position: CB
Games: 12
GPG: 0.00
APG: 0.17
Pace (9/10)
Shooting (4/10)
Passing (8/10)
Dribbling (9/10)
Defending (10/10)
Physicality (10/10)