nourypsvOct 13 11:41 AM
People that are defending EA for this price are idiots. Game's been officially out for 2 weeks and EA expect people to have 750K worth of high fodder or coins to do this 1 sbc. Ridiculous price. Should have been around 500k.
DiegoCostaFriendlyOct 13 12:08 PM
The dude has the most broken playstyle+, 5* weak foot, best work rated, and Unique body type
Anten58Oct 13 12:31 PM
How tf is his Playstyle+ broken. It's maybe one of the Most useless one's. Finesse shots are crap this year
BigO99Oct 13 2:11 PM
bro finesse+ is easily the most broken playstyle! guaranteed goals if you know where to take them from