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Lukas Podolski

This card is amazing he is the best card that i have used this year.I've tried a lot of other players like my man Anderson Talisca(also i wrote a review about Talisca)and as I can say the were not the same.Podolski has better passing than talisca for my opinion and he is way better at shooting.But the bad thing that Podolski have is the stamina he gets very tired at the 75 minute.His agility and his balance tho is a problem...
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David De Gea Quintana

What can I say for this keeper he is unstoppable he literally catches almost everything and the good this about this card is the 94 reflexes and his 90 diving.If you are looking for spanish keepers he is the best you can find or you are a big fan of de gea like me and you want him on your team.i have used flashback casillas for 300 matches and I can they were both very good but the problem of casillas is that he is short al...
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I used this guy i my team at 4231 formation at left cam 10 matches 18 goals and 7 assists.I think this is the best cam i have used so far his wf and sm are very good and his 92 curve is incredible (sorry for my english)
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