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Potent Starter or Super Sub

This SBC Gnabry was excellent value for me as he cost me only 90k to complete (50k after rewards). I prefer him over Coman with his better shooting and 4* weak foot (very important for an attacking player). With the Basic chem style, Gnabry impressed with his pace and great dribbling in particular. He was burning defenders left right and centre and he was scoring some crucial goals for me in the Weekend Le...
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Fantastic and only cost me 65k

I was initially a little hesitant to do the Mkhitaryan SBC because of the hefty looking price tag and the fact that Arsenal cannot be overly relied on to go deep in the Europa league, but after calculating that it would cost me less than 100k to complete the SBC (before rewards) I took the plunge, and it was worth it! I've always loved 5 star weak foot players in the ST/CF/CAM positions and Mkhitaryan has certainly delivere...
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Underpowered but still amazing

Shaqiri despite losing pace every year is still a lot of fun to use. His upgrade to 5 star skills means you can still floor defenders in 1 on 1 situations and he can really whip up some majestic long range goals from time to time. He feels very effective to cut left inwards to pass into the centre for an assist or to shoot for a banger. His strength is slightly disappointing as I feel he's been undervalued in this attribute...
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