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A truly amazing player

The moment I saw this card go live I knew I need to add him to my La Liga squad. Despite that I was slightly hesitant whether or not to really add him as I don't use a CDM which is where I thought he would work best. I swapped him for TOTGS Rakitic in CM and tried him out. All I can say is that he immediately became one of my best players, my team already felt quite strong but Kondogbia made my team feel smoother and strong...
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One of the best STs in the game

When I first saw this card I was slightly hesitant whether or not to buy him. His high defensive workrate worried me a bit, his 64 strength and 3* weak foot aren't very good for a striker and even less for ~500k coins. Despite that I decided to buy him and try him out. Before him I had tried 2 other strikers, SIF Iago Aspas and Prime Stoichkov and all I can say is that both were very underwhelming.Immediately after a...
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Abolsute best

When I first saw the stats on the card I wasn't sure it was worth it. 87 pace, 85 shooting and 85 dribbling look very nice but that 66 physical with 73 stamina and 59 strength made me have second thoughts. In the end I decided to complete his SBC and I am glad I did. In-game he just feels so much better than the stats suggest.Pace: He is fast, his card says 87 pace but that is a lie. For the first ga...
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