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i payed 450k for this legend i remember back in the days watching him with my dad on the floor while he was at madrid ahh the good times, had to cop him. and tbf he is actually crazy in a 2 man striker he scores headers like it's nothing and this year the pace is not that noticable he shoots rockets at the goalie all round this card is fun and kinda competitive as i am in div 3 atm


i opened it and saw a little dude with hair saw brazil i was no way i just got garrincha saw cam and rivaldo pops why do they give him that type of hair :D but hey i'm not mad couldve been alot worse! spend around 105k so i'm pretty happy with my brazil boy


for all of those who didn't pay attention


Estimated SBC price


Crazy how they managed to screw this up, people holding this card including me and waiting patiently to make profit just got uno reversed. Good job ea but i guess there will be no compensation right? But giving free pele to people who got the better version??? Wow.


mate im elite with 1900 and i got him what are you on about with your harry potter theories


big flairs brazil... st im like there is no fking way BANGGG mid ronaldo pops up i nearly passed out i had to drink my sprite in 1 go jezzus christ




Not to mention corona is 20k with 5 5 taarabt 5-4 urribe is free and e very decent cm you can build a crazy 5 star teeam for under 50k just because his name is not neymar i'm elite nearly 2100 sr and corona and taarabt are up there as best value players for sure for that price just crazy


Nah? this must be a joke? what is this company doing jeezus christ nearly 1 week to upgrade a card are you kidding me i'm spamming the chat with c****es upgrade bozos i'm done


just a joke tbh even if tots is friday blabla imagine having an issue with the store, that you coulnd't buy packs id be fixed in an eye wink.. just sad to see that is takes this long to upgrade a card for a company that big


hear me out, ive been playing my rtg since the start elite division rank 3 or higher and ok i got a great team, seen al these youtubers do tots rtgs and i figured why not i kid you not since tots started ive had far superior red picks then my main rtg who finishes better for example ive got red cancelo,son,militao even this week i went rank 1 on my main and got tonali,berrardi,cuadrado i finish rank 3 on this one and get dybala,berrardi.. i'm just saying this reward system is doodoo people that get 11 wins get better rewards then rang 1 wtf? no hate all love for every rank but comon


91 long shots 87 curve long shot trait finesse trait Yes daddy :D


just wow my first game jeezus what a monster insane if he gets a plus 2 hes totaly end game no joke


i love him as a cm he is just so good for 90k crazy steal imagine if he gets an upgrade top 200 player and i must say hes crazy good


ohh i got it on my desktop from the internet :D


still bossing my midfield with potm nkunku


bruh hes getting sold for 53k on xbox what am i seeing i swear i'm never trying this out ever again i even bought the cards before they had to win to proceed and yet he never went higher then the price i got him for at that time i'm not crying over a game but srsly aznd don't come with links bla bla there is skriniar cordoba etc icons


opened 62 packs today trough league sbcs 2x50k packs from elite 1 squad battles and i got 3 walkouts Suarez modric and koulibaly not even 1 promo card what a joke i swear let me open 3 packs with fifa points id get 1 in no time i don't get it i opened 100 picks and 70 packs for totgs not 1 promo card either i'm grinding my butt off for nothing just crazy


Make us proud today supporting from belgium :)


hes not even leaked in the promo and probably wont as they choose the captains of certain clubs, yet the dude drops like a stone just of speculation these leakers are the big reason why the market is like this for sure, people anticipate see the leaks and just panic if we would actually be surprised on friday with a new promo it would be much more satisfying and don't come with then don't look , it's all over the interrnet it's just crazy


another week of playing fr litteraly the worst pack and picks, since tots start ive never finished below rank 3 and even had rank 1 and 2 often didn't get any of the sick players as red pick and every '''guaranteed'''' tots pack from the main league was never more then 200k like whats the point even then of playing for these ranks, i always say i'm done now but how can you try less in a game to get better rewards then high rank finishes FIX THE REWARD SYSTEM EA SPORT FRAUDS


got him from my elite rewards in reds, strong links my ramos so easy linking, but my god this is by far the worst gk ive ever used de gea was bad for me but this dude is next level bad the most easy shots he does some weird animation and the ball flys in this wl ive conceded atleast 10 horrendous goals that went trough the middle or some bs stuff nnever again


saved 20 packs rewards and leaguie sbc packs not even 1 walkout nice game fifa


can we just appreciate how bad the game is ? every pass is bad i have one of th best teams and 2100 sr but in champs they all play liek plants i lose to ppl probably in div 4 , there is no skillgap in this game like forreal yes im salty whatever but its the truth even if you are 4 times better you will lose just crazy i hit the post 3 times the keeper saves it all honestly never has it been this bad


the 352 lm warrior in sa ni ty


mate i bang goals for fun with him div 3 and 5-0 champs playoffs ? what are you on about xD learn how to use him he is a monster his positioning to get open is nuts just find him and it's a goal


dude is insane at corners never scored one before he bangs in 2 in my first game


subbed him on after i got him for 22k look at his card and go to similar on, futbin ;) 25k fot his is just amazing value


starts on the bench today :(


first game bangs in 2 finesses this mans shooting is out of this world the power and animations are crazy




pain.. just pain


i got him i sold him i got him i sold him i swear i always end up rebuying but for me personally he is a ghost i can't understand why cuz i like skills but for some reason he aint doing annything for me misses alot and gets pushed off way too easy i still have him because i cant really upgrade annymore but for the price idk if you should get this dude


ffs please just win the game i got 5 vidals don't do this to me :D


ngl his finesses are something else if you can green shots you can pull up from everywhere, small issue he hits the post alot for me :D but he bangs in a goal a game at cam atm at minimum


i like him more then mendy and theo and for this price plus the chance to upgrade idk why you would not buy this card


at this point im losing 100k a week so why not right? is he good in game in comparison to his sif? why buy messi for 550 when in 2 weeks he will drop 200k im done with it


i mean i was so broke i had to put potm vini on the right side and only had 3k coins and this dude was the only decent lm in the club and tbh on the wing he feels fast agile and give him an deadeye the man truly does the job not saying hes insane but i'm quite impressed him and vini are destroying the wings with 99 pace :D


I mean liverpool is clear why would they use the best squad when there is nothing at stake and milan plays home they will deffo give it their all if liverpool decides to leave key players out they will make it


fun fact last week gave an assist and scored a goal in a 3-2 win over sampdoria


it's already over mans scored 2 already


bruh i had to win 2 games to get into elite i used all the liga nos players and banzaaaaaa he made 6 goals in 2 games absolut rocket of a shot and his positioning is crazy! hes up there of best value sbcs for sure!


i'm telling you for real corona for 20k is foolish last year 5-5 was so meta and it is also this year very meta imagine a card for 5-5 for that price did you check taarabt with a shadow with 5-4 comon now :D you are silly if you don't pick one up


you can pack him from silver packs right?


i opened 2x50k packs from elite 1 squad battles Saved 14 league sbc main rewards (i openend the smaller packs along the way) and i got koulibaly 86 david silva 85 as highest players, lets say i opened close to 1 million worth of packs to run away with 1 86 and 1 85 as highest players wow i will complete vini next year at this rate, what kinda sorcery of pack sabatoga is this ffs


i got 800k and i didn't wanna buy son or mane etc they all drop every single day decided to use my untradebles vini and dembele paired up with morientes and oh boy altough i have the 91 benzema i feel like morientes is just that better IMO, he is so strong on the ball his positioning is impecable i'm playing 4231 vini bernardo silva dembele and morientes up top and oh boy it works very well i often switch sterling in for vini same result he i so good in running behind the defenders or find the open space towards goal while benzema tends to come short alot (even tho i set stay forward)


i upgraded him with tonali, played 2 games then i went and sold tonali, don't be fooled even his nif is incredible at this stage i freaking love this italian wizard! fast agile intercepts, and yes i play in elite division don't be afraid to use this gladiator


don't gamble if you don't have alot just go for something that you know you get in return like an icon player sbc or something


did like 70 nothing special and i opened like 40+ league sbc packs not one blue :(


i'm done with this game now lets be real if they decide you are going to lose you can play like prime r9 you will hit the post 3 times or the gk makes saves like spiderman i just lost a game to a dude i had 23 shots hit the post 3 times green timed most of my shots yet i manage to lose to probably a div2 player( no hate to other ranks) i'm not mad i just had enough of this scripted dda game


comon betisssssssss!!!! make us proud




let's be honest i got quite hyped for pim lothar in my starting 11 only to see big boy ballack pop out ;(


let's be honest nice card yeah and its free but gold varane is very comparable and you know who varane is .. for people on a really small budget yes for the most of uss hes just average..


well i packed him yesterday and my guy if you can't use this guy i can't really help you i am elite 1950 sr before i got r9 and he really is special the bounces he gets the dda its here for me now he is sooo fast and his shooting is crazy! i understand 9m is alot for 1 player but if you get him untradeble hes easily your striker for the whole fifa cycle




coin for coin he deffo is even now with more links if yo know how to play fifa corona for 20k is absurd with 5-5 adding taarabt on top uribe is a meh but he is very usable also for free i mean price wise you cannot argue


i'm 2100 sr you **** what are you on about if you don't have a decent opinion go walk your cat


bro i swear he is ass for me i play in elite and im not bias i got him untrade but i swear he makes so manny mistakes and he feels slow at times


yes cuz when you shoot you aim with your controller to the post, your deffo a very great fifa player thanks for the intake


did all of the 4 last pim icon packs puyol 2x gerrard beckham, why? just idc if my fodder is gone everytime but for gods sake give me something better


scroll down to my comment hahaha crazy everybody has it ive hit the post legit nearly 10 times in 10 games it is a joke


shiny gold ones and not so shiny gold ones maybe some white ones but you are probably going to see 5 triplets in the next hour before you could get a white one


yessirrrrrrr first locatelli now andre


tbh this sule is insane i really like him i'm paring him with cordoba the faster smaller angry little dude and oh my i'm at 1940 in elite my defence is crazy right now


ffs i really figured i just packed di natale no jokes


I opened 180 league sbc packs in 2 days and got hl shick ang gold mane as best pulls, you need to have luck on your side for it to be worth




to be very honest pulled him a while ago and i was super hyped, read some comments and they all said hes clunky etc not great.. i have to admit he actually is i even prefer mkhitaryan to him faster agile and also 5-5 this years fifa there are alot of 5-5 players and with 82 pace and 75 agility zizou aint it let me tell you if you play wl hes a truck and a buss chained togheter feelsbad never figured id consider throwing him in an sbc and i never did but honestly hes just collecting dust annyway


people panic selling him for werner i just can't :D


forreal i dominate every game but i hit the post 3 times or the goalie saves green times inside the penalty box etc but i get scored on so easy i'm telling you the skillgap is gone is this game


deadeye-> 97 cam all shooting traits, 99 long shots gonna have to give him a try


dude this game is so fkn rigged ive hit the post 18 times already in 5 games they just rig the fk out of it if they decide you are not winning you aint even if you 10x better then your opponent


wtf for sheize is this dude i did 62 picks got 1 87 and 1 86 and barely any to no 85-84 i even went first 34 without a walkout


insigne is more of a central player not wide


yeah i get rank 2 sometimes rank 1 and im not getting annything i can't afford mbappe and all the great cards im here with the same squad for over 3 weeks so i might just send it right


i just copped him friday for 88k hes 63k on monday :D:D:D


him and uribe 442 for 25k just crazy how fifa works this year :D


this game man i did every friggin pick pack etc not 1 big player yet you see teams with all these crazy icons and they are bad at the game just crazy how they determine luck on accounts i feel like im always dissapointed, even with champs rewards or rewards in general


great when you pull played him in elite hes ass too slow to clunky just crazy even guendouzi is better and yes it's sad don't say bla bla id rather play zidan and i do but honeslty it's crazy how this game works


this is crazy every game is elite like wth the dda the servers and this sweat is unbareable i like to play competitive but with these servers and all the random stuff ive just hit the post 3 times in 40 min the dude comes over and scores


i subbed him on at striker and my lord he missed 3 open chanses nearly costing me the game first impression in deffo not great


i kinda want a icon cb and since hes french is he on the level on the likes of rudiger? ive got varane rudiger but it would open more team switches to replace rudiger with him, i'm in elite honest opinions are welcome :)


just faced him in draft i had 18 shots and only scored 6 goals the dude was insane i was all over my opponent but he was really crazy


ofc when i had the potm i get this one :D but hey im happy finna drop the potm in the mid icon now wish us luck


i'm not going to lie i was hyped aswell when i got him but forreal he just doesn't have that WOW for me also he just doesn't do stuff that you would expect him to do i'm kinda dissapointed aswell but hey can't complain when people pack inzaghi


is it only me but this wl is crazy or it might just be matchmaking but i usually get rank 3 quite easy and my 2nd game i went into extra time where i usually just cruize to 10-0


gullit gang with 97 pace for under 100K what am i seeing


mate i did 40 got no walkout maybe i have bad luck i'm not sure


i did 30 got 1 walkout suarez and inform stindl the rest was kinda mehh jeezus christ


base icon cheers :)


he wouldve if ea didn't put the price range at 16k people could not sell the card and once they fixed it everybody and his dog just started listing the card.


the man starts in the first game gives an assist so great first game and he drops y'all are some weird humans you know that


last week i went 17-3 this week im 12-0 and this man from the cm position scored 29 goals in 32 games so far incredible box to box cm cant imagine id he gets an upgrade


eyo ngl im using mid r9 and him and he outshines mid r9 hes insane he runs in space like no other while r9 tends to just do nothing don't get me wrong r9 is also insane but for me cruyff is the baller and hes also half the price of r9


just packed him from the hybrid leag should i holdon or sell before friday?


he is pretty nice fast and a beast but he runs alot out of position i used him cuz i had him from my red picks but in the elite division he runs alot forward and leaves gaps nonetheless great card but i am not going to use him sadly


finally some decent rang 1 rewards got him out of one of the ultimate packs, safe to say im saving the 3 totw packs till next week :)


what even did they upgrade? what a scam jeezus


how is he compared to varane? i have cordoba untradeable the stat comparision is very similar and it would refresh my defence but is he worth it?

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