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Hi Guys,So to be honest , I wasn't looking into doing this SBC because I had Suarez nm already. After comparing and having IF Messi I took the gamble to make Tevez.Well, it haven't let me down the tiniest little bit.Pace:Is simply great, has already high starting pace, I'm using Hawk, so with 93 pace I am quicker than almost everyone.Shooting:
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Solid defender

Hi guys,Next underrated review.Gabriel Paulista I picked up at the start of the game for just 4k coins . At the very first moment I didn't really use him because of his low rating, which I played CL Godin .Don't get me wrong, Godin is playing very well.But Paulista really did make the change in my team. His defensive stats are beyond amazing for a 83 ( with...
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Seriously good

Hi guys,Im not into Non physic strikers, but seriously, this card is so freaking good. Amazes me every match, even in matches I lose , Messi was playing a key role.Litteraly the only con(s) are his physic, but don't get caught by his 73 stamina or his 61 strength, you won't recognize it in the gaem at all.To me it feels like Messi has an sort of untouchable aura, which strong defen...
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