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Best 35K I've Ever Spent

After doing the Van Persie EOAE SBC I decided to try Bergwijn out because i finally had someone I could link him to in the Dutch league that gave him 10 chem. When I first got him he went 10 games without a goal or an assist...I was about to give up on him, next game he scored me 3 goals and got me an assist so I thought okay I'll give him more time. I am so so glad I did. Straight up, this card is RIDICULOUS....
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EL TIGREEEEEE - King of the Europa League

Before I start anything - If you are a player who abuses pace, stop reading now, this card is not for you. When the Falcao SBC popped up I thought "wow another expensive sbc" then I checked on FUTBIN and couldn't believe my eyes that he was only 44k. Little did I know, this card is about ten times cheaper than what it should be worth - he is INSANE. Pace - Lacking on the pace side of thin...
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I've actively avoided this card all season because of his shooting and stamina but I was desperate for cheap CAM so I thought I'll buy Zaha and crack on til I get my rewards tomorrow.Well! I can comfortably say he's staying at CAM in my team! I stuck a deadeye on him and the shooting isn't an issue and the Stamina is ABSOLUTELY FINE. My only issues are his jumping and Heading and at a big push his strength - b...
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