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Best CB ever?

This man has saved me on countless occasions in weekend league and in division rivals it's almost hard to believe. I completed this SBC for around 400k with some untradeables and it is the best decision I've ever made. There is nothing this man cannot do. Above average pace for a CB (he can catch up to the majority of attackers excluding Mbappe). Exemplary defending, never misses a challenge and always wins 50-50's. Brillia...
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Waste of Coins

First of all, I completed this SBC for around 350K and a couple of untradeables in my club. I have one thing to say to anybody considering doing this SBC. Don't. He lets in the majority of longshots that he faces for no apparent reason (he's nice and tall and has good diving). secondly, from close range, the man seemed to let everything that he faced in. On the off chance he did make the save he would often pa...
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Just NO

Lets just start of by saying that pre-patch, Crespo was insane for me. His timed finesse shots were ridiculous and he fit the mechanics of the game perfectly. However, post-patch, he has been nothing but useless for me personally. More than ever this year build up play is currently crucial. With Crespo having awful passing stats don't expect to be able to play any decent passes any time soon. His pace is good to be fair, ho...
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