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legend of man u/ireland/celtic. I dont get people who say he isnt meta, ok, so what??? just play the game to enjoy it. use players u like/liked in real life, or try some players out and who knows, maybe u will find some club legends. over the past few years i have found players i always finr enjoyable, this keane being one of them. he is a true leader and captain! i reccomend him

If you are doing him for sentimental reasons, i would just reccomend to buy him, but do please look at baby butragueno, same links and feels a lot "better" imo. Again, if you are doing him for sentimental reasons go ahead, i understand fully. People should play this game for fun and play with the players they like in real life, not just play for the full meta. GG YNWA from a utd fan!


I hope u are trolling lol, it's an insane pull. There is a reason why he is extinct rn. Insane defending and pace, decent dribbling and passing, decent shooting and pretty good pace. Saying he is bad because of his pace is ludicrous. With a shadow he has 88 pace, which is far from plenty for a midfielder, defensive or not. This guy is very, very good as a cdm or even b2b if you need to play him there.


If the game is over then why care, just craft whoever you feel like crafting. Don't be afraid of what is to come, because you will keep waiting and waiting and before you know it FIFA 21 is over! hf :)

where does it say you need my permission? im just giving my 2 cents
Happy new year everyone!!
why didn't they do rooney instead of suarez?? atleast give us a Rooney sbc cmon ea
for me better than toty lewa (untradable)

Depends on a lot of things: Buying this baby vidic or getting him out of icon swaps, who the other cb is, and just if you like vidic in real life or maybe like denayer. Denayer might have a bit more meta stats, but vidic in game feels elite imo. He isn't the fastest, fair enough, but his tackle can literally kill a man and he will get away with it without fouling and with the ball. If you use another quicker cb (doesn't have to be rapid, just a bit more agile/quick) then i would reccomend vidic. If not, stick with RB Denayer.


Downvote me if you want but when the gameplay is less good, this guy feels really bad. Don't get me wrong, his shooting is pretty good (although he still misses sitters, but that's just fifa) and his heading is the best i have ever experienced, but holy **** is he sluggish and really not that agile, his dribbling stats are a lie imo, and he still gets bullied off of the ball sometimes. Packed him untradable and was buzzing but honestly, eh. If only ea could fix their **** servers/gameplay, this guy should feel better to use than he is as he is one of the best strikers IRL.



might sound stupid but just look at both of them and go with your initial gut feeling. they are both quite similar, just go for whoever you think will feel better. i would also go for the player i have more sentimentality towards (liverpool fan? kenny. real fan? butra)

Even though he is a liverpool fan, no one except the ultra sweats can deny how cHEEKY Veron is


Depends who the other cdm is, but i would always prefer keane. He has that icon feel, you just can't explain it but you do feel it in game. This guy will fight for the badge and give everything to win! Doesn't mean kante is bad, kante is probably more worth the coins rn. But if you are a fan of keane/manutd/celtic then go ahead and get this beast

yeah i have the same haha, i even did renato sanches sbc but i just like this guy too much, its not like he is godlike but he is just fun and does what i ask of him. if he gets a tots i will be sure to pick him up :)
butra is faster and just finishes from insane angles, larsson has a rocket of a shot tho, and he looks cool ingame. i had both in my team, butra untradable and larson tradable, but i packed toty lewa so had to get rid of larsson. he will always have a special place in my heart tho. so to answer your question: both are beasts, i probably prefer butra a little bit, but both are good, larsson especially for his price.

Have fun with the black beast himself


Hey! I also use rooney and keane and also didn't get along with armstrong at the start. But am slowly getting used to how to use him, he is pretty fun. Was quite coincedental that they released him just when i had lowkey started a career mode with blackburn rovers. I wish that he had 4star wf like in career but still a really fun card! have a good one dude


Yeah agree. varane has that elite pace, vidic has that brutal tackle ability to just body the opposing player and kill them, while not fouling and taking the ball. Love em

good luck with him bro!
i have him as a pic for a reason. im a man u /celtic fan AND am half irish, he is a legend of the game for me. sure i am biased, and you can be biased against this card, bur as i said, just use whoever u hsve fun with or like in real life. im not telling you to use keane, im telling you to use who u enjoy in real life or in game.
fair play lads didn't know last match was 2-2, lets go kessie!
mcjell is literally the best fifa youtuber and it aint even close, his secons channel is class too
I really like him, love the dribbling and pace, i disnt even pack him i bought him lol
disagree, both feel rapid and the baby doesn't have those sticky tackles this card/prime have (prob because of lower defending)
people complaining he has no skills, 1: learn to pass the ball instead of skilling with everyone, not everyone needs to have 5 star skills and insane neymar dribbling, and 2: if he had 4 star skills his price would be much higher than it is
if ur a vidic/ man u fan go for vidic, he is a beast, his tackles are really good. not the fastest but still pretty good. the ultimate packs are a nice bonus. if u dont need vidic, the 25x 83 pack is pretty good but its all luck. 85x5 is not that good imo but still, its up to whether u want vidic or not.

Ben het ook met je eens. ben ook fan man man utd, vind het echt schandalig, europees voetbal is dood voor de non superleague clubs, echt triest...

what chemstyle as a 2nd cdm on 8 chem? like a b2b, i was thinking shadow or guardian (for added defebsive awareness)
yup true lol
depends where you are playing him, i think this card is just fine on the wing or outside cams, but centrally or even striker i would recommend the upgrade. But hey your coins, you so with him what u want. I am loving this baby card
i have the same, he feels cracked and i dont say that lightly lol.
inception, marshallhd, kieronsff, dcphd

It's filthy frank b111tch

hey gratz bro! what console? enjoy him he was a beast for me but sold him for some profit, gonna rebuy soon

Him and kessie have been ****ing people with their bbc's! absolute beast

vidic isnt meta but really fun. he isnt the fastest but he is so f****ing strong and when he tackles u know he is getting the ball. only thing varane is better in is pace. vidic wins more tackles imo snd fights for the badge.
does the going forward more than the prime hinder him? i like how my prime does, sittint infront of the back 4 as you said
if they are both gold? kdb. bruno his potm/totgs are immense tho
haha yeah i didnt play a lot but i got him from swaps also. at the end of the year i put him into a prime icon sbc, and i got... roy keane back. was kinda tilted but hey he is still a beast
was thinking the same



Yeah as sad as it is i am probably going to put him into a big sbc sometime, for now he can rest on the bench. I much prefer neymar, butra, rooney etc. over him at striker ngl. i am going to miss his godlike headers tho


I'd probably say engine, boost his dribbling and passing a bit. Nothing more annoying when you attempt a through ball with a striker and the ball just flies away. Of course, hawk looks pretty nice too. Up to what you prefer, dribbbling/passing or raw physical stats

same question

As a ManU fan i agree but just explainin the origin, GGMU

yup, your guess as to why he can be bullied with 99 strength and aggression is as good as mine.
no its just a bit of a meme that vidic always underperformed against torres irl
just tell them bro what else u gonna do

Easily butra, has more meta stats, but that doesn't mean ****. he just also feels better, plays better and feels alot quicker.

thank you!
harry hesketh has a dead personality and is just a fifa sweat, but not as bad as some other guys i guess
i have toty lewa untradable and he is pretty good but feels a lot less strong phyisically than drogba. also pace wise drogba is better. but dribbling and shooting i found lewa better, and passing wise lewa was also a bit better
tbf as a united fan gotta admit robertson really does work for the badge and does it well. wouldn't mind him in the united squad in an alternate universe. being a united fan doesn't mean u can not respect rival players, likewise for liverpool fans.

Nice name bro, it checks out, Milan played pretty bad in that game and they still want to get top places in the SeriaA, but again, nice try xd next time make an account without "trading" in your name it'll work better. Also, stop commenting on literally every popular player just so some timmy's buy kessie rn while he is wildly overpriced.

if you go down just a little bit someone else asked the same and i commented on it
bro how can u concede 5 in 15 min lol. if you concede one just play it a bit slower/pass more.
both matches 1-1 so both teams have the same amount of away goals
why am i getting downvoted for saying if it stays 1 -1 it will go to extra time, thats just how it is lmao, both teams have same amount of away goals

Emilio Butragueno review - goals for fun!

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As I write this, it is the 26th of March, and Vidic is still in my team. I am slowly looking for an upgrade as Vidic isn't as good as he was earlier in the game cycle, but he still puts his shift in. Where to start off! This dude is a beast in defending, a physical beast at that. His tackles are very good and don't let the ball bounce around, he just gets the ball (this is the problem I have with using fullbacks at cb, they...
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