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The bang for your buck icon ST

So, as many of the gamers reading this review, I was looking for my first icon ST on a budget. After tons of comparisons and icon profiles visits in Futbin, I went with Kluivert 88. My main reasons to do so was his heigth, pace and passing combined with clinical finishing and the right work rates. The fact that we're both Dutch, was the icing on the cake and on we went. I was looking for a strong ST, as I ...
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Very solid RB option for Serie A

Anybody running a Serie A squad on a budget, a Serie A squad not on a budget and with an expensive version of Cancelo, or in need for solid links to Skriniar 87 or Nainggolan should have a look at this review as this review is about Vrsaljko. I have the OTW version, but the regular card has the same stats and the UCL version is a bit better as he has +1 on several stats. Well, if you’re looki...
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Parolo TotGS EL card

I am a sucker for free players, especially if they look decent and are obtained through weekly objectives. Parolo is one of these players. Statswise, he looks very solid. He looks a bit like Nainggolan, but less pace and taller. I feel that the allocation of the stats are better for Parolo than for Radja, as Parolo has some solid stats that are useful for him as a C(D)M i.e. great long shots and shot power, with low penalti...
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