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Luka Jovic

I picked Jovic up for around 900k, which is pretty spicy cos he's gone back to 1 mil., but the point is that this guy is a beast. I have him as a lone striker with an engine chem style and he's been banging in goals like it's a hobby. With an engine he is incredibly agile, quick and great on the ball. His strength also allows him to win challenges. He is deadly from all ranges with both feet which makes him unpredictable. T...
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Decent CB for the price

i got this guy in the most consistent guaranteed tots thing and ngl i was kinda annoyed I saw the Brazil flag i thought Allan! Alex Telles! But nope Felipe, so bad i forgot he even existed, or so i thought. The one saving grace is that he slotted nicely into my team, so is started using him and he really really wasnt bad. If you whack a shadow on him he's usably fast and his physicals are already OP. He's so strong in the t...
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I got him in my fut champs rewards, as did everyone else apparently.I don't know what EA are doing handing this guy out like that because he is a MONSTER. Pace: He feels very very quick and has noticeable acceleration.Dribbling: Best part about this card it is soooooo responsive so quick and so smooth, it's on par some of the best dribblers like messi, hazard and neymar.
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