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Beast at the back

After me conceding loss after loss last weekend league, I decided I wanted to strengthen my defense. I had been waiting for Prime Icon Gerrard since early January, but EA seem to have chosen to fuck with me and keep me waiting for ages. So I decided to stop sitting on my coins and untradables and to do an moments icon SBC. Having Keane in the midfield and because I'm shit at defending this year, I chose to...
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Slept on

This Given the fact that I had a lot of high rated untradeable in my club and saw the price of Nakata, I thought it would have been a good idea to get an untradable icon for an SBC where you need to hand in an icon. I hadn't really thought about rebuilding my team around Nakata, or even playing him, but I ended up giving him a chance as a sub. Right from the start, the guy showed his quality. He conv...
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Awfull awfull awfull

I packed CL Fahrmann and I was quite excited. Gave him a chance between the sticks and I can only say I am disappointed. The guy is absolutely horrible.
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