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PACE:9/10Messi's style pace, unbelievable acceleration and a great sprint speed. He can easily outrun any ICON/TOTY defender in the game. Its not about stats, its about goblin height animation..KEY STAT - 93 ACCELERATIONDRIBLING: 10/10What can i say about dribbling, AWESOME!, FANTASTIC!. He moves thought ...
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I was doubting to make him because of the 3 star combo. However i decided to complete the sbc. First match: what the hell did i just do. Second match: what the hell did i just do. Third match: same. i was sad. really sad. what can i do to improve this shitty player?? Hunter chemistry maybe? guess what.... CHICHARRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOO hat trick in hist 4th game. chemistry + get in behind + aggressive interceptions = unstoppa...
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baby DE GEA

Normal Neto was a good goalkeeper so i decided to try this UCL version. The first 3 or 4 games i used him with the standard chemistry style and he was doing a good job but conceeded some easy goals. i notticed the lack of reflexes/speed (i think because he's 190cm) so i bought the Cat chemistry and.. oh my lord! LA LIGA BABY DE GEA!. just 2 goas in 10 matches. Give him a try.. you'll not regret
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