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Brick Wall

This card is Insane!!!I was bored one day so i just randomly looked at the different kind of special cards there were in the prem when i came across this guy. At first i thought his card was quite average, decent defending, decent physical not the best pace but i thought why not, trying him out couldn't hurt. I bought him for 15K and chucked him straight in my team at CB next to Laporte. From the first gam...
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The English Dani Alves

This card looks pretty average at first glance but trust me it's far from it. First off iv used the likes of Semedo and Carvajal at right back already in the La Liga and Trippier is way better than them. With Semedo all your really getting is pace, no strength and shockingly bad passing and his defending is average and with Carvajal he lacks a lot of pace, his passing is average and his defending is his only real good point...
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There's Better Out There

I bought this card recently as he looked like a monster, it only took me a couple of games to realise how average this card really performs. Don't get me wrong he is not the worst keeper in the game, he's not too bad actually it's just there is better keepers out there for cheaper. His diving and reflexes are quite good and he saves a few good shots and looks amazing but the more you play with him the more you realise all t...
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