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Think about this

I don't write many reviews on this platform, and I'm definitely not the best FIFA player out there, but for some players i think it's important to write one from my own experience. As the title says, think about this when you are planning to do this... It will cost you around 120k I believe, for that money, you have Kane, Lewandowski, Cavani, Almost Lukaku... But when i saw this card i wanted to do it right away. I didn't e...
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Get this man!

I had IF Felipe Anderson untradeable, and yesterday i was Lucky enough to receive this IF Willian in my red player pick packs from FutChamps (Gold3), played 12 games with him so far both on the LW/LF/Cam and even 1 game at striker and i've got to say, this man has got it all. His passing and his dribbling are his key stats, but also his pace and his shooting are so good. I wasn't very keen on the fact that he was low on str...
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Really good value for money

Last weekend league i played really good, but this weekend league started off really bad. I played with Mandzukic (IF) at Striker, but he wasn't doing anything for me anymore, he couldn't hold the ball or give a decent pass, so i dediced to try out IF Joshua King, and he completely changed my way of playing. He's relatively strong imo, has 4* skills which is a bonus for a skiller and he has decent passing. He's a game chang...
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