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Why the f**k are you all moaning?? Its better than not having content surely?? Its cheap if you want him. Nothing to complain about here


Roy keane is from ivory coast, mate


He'll be in icon swaps 2!


I think it'll be possible because Keane and Nesta was possible in 1. We'll be later into the game this time so yeah I'm gonna say maybe Campbell 14 and seedorf 10 bud


Yeah mate he looks the strongest for me! As you said very versatile and i dont really wanna tie myself down to a striker in december as there will be plenty of fresh special cards getting released throughout to try out. A wise option indeed. Lets hope hes easier to obtain than the new icons too :)


Who played against me and scored that amazing goal from outside the box with him?? Where he like flicked and controlled it passed my defender. It ended 3-3 but this guy scored the best goal I've seen this FIFA. GG


Finally a CM. Got about 5 untradable attackers in my team after this week


You finally finish the grind to get this guy and EA comes out with a "the following issues have been fixed - a player with 80 or above heading accuracy will now be OP a f**k"


85 rated base FUT card in your last season of football at the age of 38 is a f**king achievement, let's be honest. The king.


I don't understand why EA would class someone as an Icon but rate that person's composure so low in their prime. Like "oooooh man he was class, but he couldn't handle competitive football"


Come on!!!!! Was 3 nil down against some guy using vardy and watching EVERY replay of his goals and celebrations. I sub this man on and I take away a 4-3 win. I sushed him, watched everything, the lot heheheeee


Needed a French RB but an 86 rated squad for 82 stamina is not what I had in mind. Pass


Bloody hell mate what a great review. Really went into depth to give us advice and appreciate it as now i think i'll go for someone else in icon swaps. Thanks


Been playing him for a while now and hes just... quality. I dont know why hes so cheap because hes part of a trio, telles and bruno. Those 3 are the biggest steal in fifa 20. Also hes on basic chem and i dont wanna apply anything atm cos right now he just does it 10/10 so why change anything


Firstly, your untradable fodders have SBC value and if you had to sell a tradable OTW 400k player then how on earth is that free?


Literally everyone talks about that


Classic lewandowski dynamic pic :') never doing anything mad, just being there and having a good time


WTF is wrong with the companion app man, all year. If you get out bid and try and bid again, it doesn't let you, it says that the bid is too low but it's not. I just missed out on Messi for 656k... Twice. And it's happened to me throughout the year on icons, missing good deals. I just find it mad how it can be a big problem on such a big part of ultimate team, buying players. Shocking


All fans of this card only seem to care about one thing. £££. You say you like him cos he's a quality card yet when he panic drops you're all angry that he's dropping. If people are selling when there's a potential IF then it shouldn't matter to you guys... No?


Because he's already 91 base in career mode which every year so far is the first indicator as to who is getting winter upgrades and to what rating. So mid feb when ultimate team cards get winter upgrades it pushes their special cards up in rating, depending on the rise of their base card. In this cir***stance, it would mean that this card will be automatically pushed to a 95 rating


Hahaha I did it man I got tempted. EVERY time I've tried a guaranteed whatever this FIFA. And I'm not even joking right, it's why I only try one of each. I get the lowest possible rating. Did 81+ once before this got 2 81s and then this I got an 84. Save your cards boys seriously. There is no shame from them, they're so ruthless. Just wanna drain your coins. I only try one of each like I said but even I'm being a mug. Imagine doing like 5... Ouch. I never did the bigger ones, like icon, shapeshifts, winter refresh. You'll be mugged off


This card will obviously be amazing, but there aren't enough base IG green stats to justify 2.7 mil IMO. Like you know when TOTY cards come out and you look at IG stats and like pace, shooting and dribbling, even passing are covered in green. I think for almost 3 mil, you deserve to see that. On the other hand tho, it is mbappe and he is the king of OP. I don't know why I'm talking like I can afford it anyway, I have 800k


What an incredible shout there mate. Please EA!!


This card is absolutely crazy. Right, I know when people review, they are usually either over the top about it or overly against it. BUT I need to let you know one thing. This is the best CB ive used in any FIFA. Even when I used to buy coins back in the day... His body type is so unique in game so like... I select him... I go to attacker... And because he has speed, great reactions, great defending and great composure... He lunges like a viper and wins the ball win amazing control. Not only that... But he pushes the attacker out of the equation so he isn't able to tackle back. Can't fit more


Ive used 41212 narrow since early December so I've tried a lot of expensive CMs. Icons, special cards, a lot. This card out classes them all. His physical presence along with acceleration and agility is an insane and unique feel to the card. I know a lot of people use 2 CDMs and he would be good there imo also but wasted. If anyone is here and looking for a CM, don't f**k around with 89 Dominguez, SIF nainggolan, Gerrard, seedorf, Matthaus.... Just buy this card and morph all of their positives into one man... PALACIOS


Ea come on man don't do this. Release fut birthday tonight


Is it worth upgrading to his flashback?


Im so glad EA didn't release the zlatan FB SBC during TOTY because I would have done him no matter the price and that would have meant I wouldn't have had the coins for this amazing card. Drop or rise all you want lewa, I'm in this for the card, not for the trading


Come on futbin, how can you be okay with constant spam like this. You need new mods working for you or something. I'd literally do it for a wage and id be on the ball. Let me know


Lads stop crying like little sad acts and try him in game. He feels more insane after the upgrade. What he didn't have that is now sick in game is dribbling and composure. I'm taking defenders on inside the box now with ease and confidence and scoring some even better looking goals. Seriously he was OP as a striker before because of pace and shooting but now he feels next level to me in terms of offering a lot more in the attack other than just what a striker is there for


Only zlatan would rise in price during the biggest crash in FIFA 20 so far :')


Don't know how people can complete this SBC after what EA did to cover themselves a nice 140,000 FIFA coins. You are an absolute mug if you do this. I'd feel like such a p**sy. Giving in to who's in charge of what you do. Even if it's just a game, the principal if it, it's not how things are done where I was raised


The problem with live card prices is the value of the card is chosen by the potential upgrade. It remains high from the release so I don't think they are worth buying at the current stage. Might as well wait and see if United go far, then buy him cos it's pretty much the price you'll pay now. It defeats the whole gamble paying off purposes of these cards.


Cant believe the idiotic community that value him so low haha. I've been playing this guy on 8 chem since FS were in packs and he's amazing. Everyone's scared of using players on 8 chem. I tried that mbambu CDM on a loan again off chem and yeh he's faster but he plays soooo dumb compared to this beast


Yes we do


I have been very good with my coins atm, keeping them saved during market crashes. I wanted to buy a new attacker for my team. Im currently at nearly 1.3 mil... And I think I'm gonna splash it on no other than one of the all time desirable and dominating icons FIFA has offered. I will use my rewards to buy kondogbia and switch them around in game. I think it's the move. If I decide to go ahead with it I'll leave a detailed review because it's a lot of coins and there are no YouTube vids of this card, so I feel like I owe it to the community.


Thought I'd share this for anyone struggling IG. Since the latest patch , 41212 narrow with CMs like pogba / sissoko / tolisso feels amazing. So big, ideally fast, strong CMs. Basically your CAM and CDM (if preferable) being the only small agile players in the mid. And then your 2 strikers being tall and fast. Not small and fast, but sprinters, race horses. It absolutely destroys my opponent's atm. They turn up with 4231 little agile dribblers and get absolutely dominated. I was hating FIFA 20. But for a few days I've been killing it with that kinda play


Wow, I had the shear nerve to try a defense without him in for a pacier CB thinking it was a good idea and in 3 games I conceded 9 goals. Straight back in my team. The guy is amazing


Tbh I don't think this rise is based on his potential in form as he could easily not get it. It's more the fact that people know he's getting winter upgrade, he's having a deadly season, and Bayern are on form so could get 4 wins in a row. So personally I don't see this card dropping at all. It was underpriced when it was released at 750k, that's why people question a drop but he's just settling until likely upgrades


For everyone wondering when to buy these big cards during the fall, I think now is the best time. This is because 90% of the community are waiting for Monday when TOTY comes out, so they'll all be buying their teams in the week, snapping up all the cheapest cards they can get causing the price of the card to rise. I could be wrong obviously but I just find when everyone expects a big crash, it doesn't actually happen because everyone, every player, every youtuber, every investor has planned for it


Respect to the owners of this card. He never panic drops. Yeah okay he goes up and down in like an 80k window but to remain in the barriers of 400k and 500k for this long, throughout all the crashes is superb.


Yo boys if you ever want a players price to go down just get me to buy him and the market price goes down about 50k the day after I make my purchase :) and it's 100% fact too as all the other cards I don't buy, maintain their price. There is no crash atm but there is for my cards. So yeah let me know


Very OP as we all know and made up he's getting an upgrade. But he needs the reactions and composure more than any of the others IMO. Like he's mint for adding pace in your attack late game but I want him to feel more smooth and confident in the box. He has the rapid speed and agility but he needs that calmer ball control and composed finishing to really be a true beast. That's my opinion, let's hope we can see that boost !


You get some absolute f**king idiots trying to make money on this card hahahaha


I sold hazard, modric, if naingolan and mertens to get this card and oh my days he was worth it. People think IF ben yedder, aubameyeng, IF werner are class. Nah nah nah. Let me tell you boys. You play with this guy and you realise that youve not used an absolute monster til this moment. You give him the ball and hit shoot and smashes the most impossible shots into the back of that net. You can be hassled by defenders, to the point youre nearly falling over but just hit shoot off balance and bolt it into that bottom corner. This card is pure... i dont even know. A LEGEND


I tallied up the number of possibilities into categories levelled bad to excellent (in my opinion) because I couldn't decide to do it or not and here are the results.

Bad - 37

Okay - 19

Good - 16

Excellent - 15


Did he own you in fut champs buddy?


Boys you gotta be careful buying players from this TOTW. Fk knows how many Harry Kane's are gonna pop up when TOTY packs come out


1. Last FIFA he had a tots that was over a mil. LAST FIFA. So dunno htf you missed that one. 2. The only prime icons that offer superior agility compared to lewas, don't offer the strength, aggression and all shooting stats above 90. And that's me comparing them with his 93, that's without the guaranteed winter upgrade. Your point is trash, no offence


Underrated comment


Mate did you see how nick was trying to play him? You gotta bare his height in mind man. It's like using bergkamp and saying his **** because he doesn't dribble like Messi. If you wanna go off YouTubers then watch zwe


This is the only time I could consider risking a RTTF investment, because the price that he's been for months WAS the price of the potential upgraded card. Seriously, live items are a waste of time for investing, because they're all valued at their potential upgrade price. But yeh if you wanna gamble, I'd buy now cos everyone thinks they'll go out


Got quite a weird idea. At his current price we could all keep buying him and quick selling him for the money back, making his supply low as hell, causing his price to rise


Good cards but if I was to grind that hard, I would go for essien or vieira


Still in my starting 11. F**k of an SBC from EA that was fair play. 100k in exchange of a rock to strengthen my defence immensely


14,250 for a 6 foot 89 rated CM (with powerhouse)


Hes insane IG


Give it up mate. Take the loss or just use him


There has to be someone here who bought him a few weeks ago for 1.1 mil and sold him in the panic for 650k. Come on be a man and own up :')


Appreciate all the comments. Just earned my 6 tokens and was thinking about doing him but seems like an absolute no go from the feedback. Cheers


Bro he scores a hatrick nearly every game for me and I'm not the only one. Aaah you prefer neymar. You should go for mbappe too then mate. And I take it you've got headliner Adama? And let's see... Who else has lots and lots of pace...


Whyyyyyyy is the pack weight so bad in MM. just did it all and only one slow glowing lines again which was iniesta. All marquee matchups is, is just a switch around of players. Few of my serie A players for some la liga players back. Like a one off fair enough but I don't think I've ever pulled anything good from MM this year. Anyone else like?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those "I'm done with FIFA" guys. But just a little excitement from a pack would be nice every now and then.


Lol well ive tried lots of "meta" cards this fifa and been fairly average win loss ratio and now using lewandowski 93 and winning nearly every game comfortably. I can profit out at 150k now but for me there is no.point, as hes just everything that i want in my striker and he will be getting upgraded. Hes so dominant in the attack, you dont understand


Has anyone tried both him and morales? Not sure which to go for in a 4321


i nearly cried after reading this comment too. thank you for everything bro. you didnt have to do this, but you did


Happy new year all! Hope EA get smashed tonight and load a bunch of ultimate packs on all our accounts


Yeah but the 5* 5* card could also be Son. Causing this price to crash


Holy **** the colour combinations on this card with the kit / badge / background looks amazing


Wtf, I haven't really looked at TOTW tonight. Didn't noticed this legend was in <3 always feels like a classy CB, every FIFA. Elegant movement, clean tackles and great artificial intelligence off the ball. Love you, mate X


This is class from EA because we really needed more central players that are capable of playing out wide :) very happy with this challenge and tbh it's nice to have something to earn because past 2 weeks I've had nothing to play for, hardly been on tbh


Ive needed quality la Liga CDM since scream pique was complete. Please just do a decent job EA. Id be happy with 100k for a nice upgrade. Just don't do a sissoko on us pls lads


I love this card but the only negative is he's just suited to CAM. He feels so smooth controlling the midfield in the opponent's half but doesn't feel consistently smooth when inside the box and kind of panics with first touches inside the box. Scores fantastic shots outside the box but even with hunter, inside doesn't always challenge the keeper enough. So if anyone out there is still choosing an icon, he's great as CAM but if you like to change around formations or don't like formations with a central CAM then go for Gerrard or zanetti IMO. I love hagi IRL and IG too but just giving advice


So true. It kills their finishing massively and all round ball control.


Awww man I'm deffo just gonna buy normal gold him, neymar and OTW Ben yedder when my players sell!!! I've always liked using cards you don't see as often in FIFA like Icons and promo players, rather than meta mainstream players but if you can't beat them join them. Every time I come up against these guys they just rip me apart, over and over. Moment's Ramos??..... Non existed.... Scream pique, the beast.... NOPE!! Come on let's just buy these overused cards. Then it's fair for all of us YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYUY!!!!! F**K YOU!!!


3 IFs before TOTS. Not aiming for much are you? :')


Wtf shadow actually makes him fast as fk. Caught up to mertens in my last match. And jeez why is his crossing so good IG? I thought id check here and it would say 99 crossing as a random scream stat but when i win the ball with him, i float the ball to a player out wide and its soooo nice the way it curves and places gently at my players foot


Passing is good in game. I use hunter on him and he can make the passes I need to make easily. I thought it would feel bad. A great card. Very composed finishing and very light to manoeuvre. I tried 87 Luis Hernandez and 87 crespo before him and even tho this card is similar in price, I feel like he should be worth double their value


Yeah you're right, 2.5 mil is totally worth it


Needed a RM to play striker and was thinking about garrincha mid but this guy being 70k, I've gone for him. Prices are so messed up tho haha. Like you know for a fact that the extra mil and icon would be, wouldn't give me a enough of a better return for the value. That extra MILLION.


Only played one game far and he out muscled VVD with engine which then let him assist reus and my apponent rage quite. 8 mins in rip vvd


Can someone who has used him explain briefly what makes him special IG? Ever since EA released this 85 blanc I've never understood why he's been expensive, his stats don't look that good to me but I remember last year he was like over a million coins for ages. Is he full on OP on the pitch is he?


****. I've done that thing when you sell a few players to get a card you really want without thinking of how your team is gonna be and now I don't have a CDM :') he looks sick tho. I reckon it was worth it


Its scary to think how much he would be if he was a PL player... 4.5 mil probs. I mean come on look at greenwood. 1.4 mil... Its ridiculous.


Sam whipping those balls in


Lads you gotta be quick haha. I paid 280k and just keeps going up and up. Do not wait


F**k me, if youre thinking of doing him just do it. The amount of times this scary f**ker has come against me in fut champs and stopped everything. I purposely avoid his area when attacking cos hes just too good. Im getting a pain in my arm. Hes the best cb ive played against.


Lmao! Actually smiled when I read this


Bro you put "he can't finish" and "his right foot is like a wrecking ball" in the same sentence. I think you're the inconsistent one ;)


Feels like he's been nerfed already for me. Felt amazing first couple of days and now he doesn't feel fast at all. Still feels strong, but whenever I through ball it to him I have to cut back because I'm already seeing that he has no chance because the defender is quicker. Just not had any flow in my games and losing confidence now


Okay so we all thought agile and fast was the only way to attack in FIFA 20, but has anyone else noticed that now that people have started upgrading their defence with ramos, scream pique, varane, nesta etc... its not quite as affective anymore? Im now struggling to get through on gials with weak players, im just getting abdolutely shut down near the box. Im starting to think strength is becoming more and more important. Drogba might be my choice now.


I agree. He feels even better!!


More initiative not to play weekend league haha. Why go through the stress and time consumption? I gave up on it a while ago. Just play rivals


Right, now that everyone has finished moaning. Look at his physical upgrade. Not only is he gonna be a close dribbler but now with a hawk should be showing strength too. Gonna be insane


I'll let you know tonight, but your name is probs a clue


You only benefit from 87 coutinho as CAM. Used him as LAM and various but only shows his worth at central. Which doesnt sound too bad but it is awkward when youre making your teams, mixing things up but have to proritise him in that position and no one else. So unless you want a CAM or just feeling lucky investing id recommened you go for a faster and cheaper card


amazing for me. im currently 3-1 WL, but could easily be 0-4 if i didnt have lewandowski because in the 3 games that i won, I conceded 8 goals in total. its just he scored 10 so despite my trash defending, there was nothing my opponents could do. i don't know what some comments are moaning about, because before using him, you know hes not got the same body type as messi, neymar, zola etc. if youve used ronaldo, i can tell you, lewa is the better dribbler, in fact he just doesnt feel clunky for me at all, hes a bit like figo on the ball


It suprises me how we all agree it's massively overpriced yet it's the community who is choosing to buy him, keeping him at that price. He costs the same as middle Zidane. He costs 2.5x more than mid butragueno, prime crespo and prime figo


Feels very good as a CM for me atm with basic but I'm definitely going to apply a chem style to boost his pace soon as he feels slower than I thought. I was thinking with his height and dribbling he would feel quicker. Engine would probably be best. A great card tho. He's set as balanced instructions as CM but weirdly he goes against his H/L workrates and gets back to defend until the ball is won and then hovers around the mid again. Intelligent card. 50k is very cheap


He looks absolutely smashed in his pic


No way. Sold Messi for him and he feels so much better and positioning at ST is game winning

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