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As fans of the beautifull game we all should cause this boy’s a baller
Haha your name is hunter on mbappe.. pace abuser
Packed neyney amd had to make a choice, better the whole team or play with my childhood hero, guess what? Rvp up front in a mediocre team it is
He is a mist have for me this year, doesnt matter wheter he is good or bad, from the moment i have the coins at least a version of RVP will be in my starting line up. True childhood hero
One more win needed, they started the count before the last four matches, a win against malmo means 89 de Ligt if i am correct
Shits on him? The man shouldnt have had the card in the first place since he has been sick/injured for the bigger half of the season so far.. Its headliners and the only headline he had so far is about his private life/vaccin bullshit since that is all everybody cares about atm
My god this guy is giving a masterclass once again.. 35 yo and still so much energy, agility, just so cold blooded on the pitch. Doesnt matter which club you like, its almost impossible to hate on Luka Modric
Fights for the badge every single minute, sometimes a little restless on the ball but can still play much better then a lot of fullbacks, I think United bought a very good player for years to come since he is only 22 yoa
They need to win against malmo for a double upgrade
I agree he’s very good and i used him since he came out. Will be a mental card imo but the wf is very noticeable, it’s the only downside for me
You my friend have one shitty family
This guy is having an amazing season so far irl, hope he keeps it up because his saves are spectacular to watch
Thats because not every stat counts equally, some are considered more important then others
Ivory coast but no, only domestic league matches i believe, could be wrong though
Finally got 550k together for this man, bought yesterday, played 10 matches and he dropped by 100k.. nice timing
Boy had multiple mayor injury’s at a young age, that being said Vini needed a bunch of seasons before he finally started making up for his massive price tag
Im playing him as an attacking cm with hunter and my man is a baller
Dude sesame street is over, you should be in bed! What if your parents find out you’re still on futbin. You might be going to bed without your bottle of warm milk for a few days..
He is not supposed to be agile, use him as a battering ram/goal scoring machine. This man bags so many goals for me its ridiculous. Only good at cam and st imo
20 games of champs 20g and 8a, really pleasing as a Feyenoord supporter but i have to admit that i was looking for him more than for other players, still a really fun card with the 5*wf
Party bag, still it could have been worse, at least he is useable
Nah thats just just his natural position
Easy, just throw every normal way of conversation overboard and act like a complete jackass, it helps if you have no value’s and the biggest point is to beg for the attention you clearly never got as a child or stil don’t get, long story short just be the saddest asswipe you can be and you’ll be fine
This guy fully b*tchslaps me every single time i come up against him, not even funny
I did Zinchenko and was happy with the upgrade since i support neither team but damn.. What a match we got on our plates here, f*cl the upgrade and enjoy pure CL football!!
By a mile
You dont need stamina if you are better sleepwalking then other people are when they are awake
Not that weird of a question if your native laguage isnt english butwipe
Haha have you seen Frenkie at barca so far this season because you kinda discribe him to perfection mate
Idd, maakt niet uit voor welke club je bent, talent is talent en deze jongen heeft er moeilijk veel van. Ben zelf Feyenoorder maar Gakpo kan een speciale speler worden, dat zien we allemaal
Cruyff is cruyff, die kan je toch niet serieus in een adem noemen met berghuis..
Didnt really like him at first so he landed on the bench and didn’t get much playtime. Hussled my team around a little and paired him with kessie rb in the centre of midfield and they rule big time, the wr are really nice since he pops up in the box very often and finishes them as well with his wand of a left foot, no finesse just jeremy clarckson it: POWERRRRR
Because everytime you play against him he penetrates you that hard or what?
You dont watch a lot of football now do you?
Nice one
Yes but you cant sink your untradeable fodder in that card
Maguire is probably not even the best cb in his own street
Niet zonder er eerst op te spugen
Last tome i checked our champion won against the champion from the liga nos with 0-5 in Lisboa so yeah..
Fee years ago van Persie got his eoae card and i believe it was 93 or 94 rated.. Complete joke to give Lacazette a higher rating then RvP imo
Very lucky to get him in pp but he isn’t as clinical as i thought, good part is he gets so many chances that even though he misses quite a lot he still managed to bag 16 goals in 9 games in elite so far, really fun player to use
The exact reason i did the sbc
What a f*cling scam, 4 worthless if cards, the highest a 83.. so done
I chose him since i got Baresi from the last one
Fekir is the only sbc i regret not doing, rapes me every time
Who in the right mind would buy a corvette if you have that much money.. its cheap af and made frim plastic
I have the craziest luck with sbc’s this year, first zambrotta, not superb but highly usable, then garrincha mid from the mid sbc and now this fella from the hero pick. The only shitty one was makelele base..
Playing him at cam with finisher and he is performing surprisingly well for me, dribbles very silky, passing is sublime and finishing decent enough. Needed him for links but im really starting to like him
He bums him, not calling him a bum
This guy is just bonkers, was not going well in champs and had my eye on this guy for a while, decided to give him a go the last 12 matches and he completely turned it around for me and got me to 13 wins in the end which meant kimmich and davies as red picks, instant club hero for me, lightning fast and so responsive with finisher, wf didnt bother me at all
I used him in the brazilian swaps team and was bummed out he doesnt have his real face in game, looks like an alien with a huge nose.. takes a little bit of the fun out of a flashback player imo
Exactly how it works, he will improve for every performance based upgrade
Absolute goal scoring machine, big RVP fan growing up so i played all his cards throughout the game and learned how to play with him, you can actually outdribble people once you get the hang of it and learn his movements 12 g 17 goals 4 assists in elite so far
If you play against silva you are going to asume he’s going to his left so it is useful even though i agree it’s weird to have a roght footed David Silva
And marquinos
If incoming, gave an assist
My favorite cam so far
Give it some time, if you’re used to playing mbappe’s RVP plays a little different, get used to him and he will repay your patience with goals, goals and more goals
All three then
Very happy to have done the sbc, he is just to smooth on the ball and shoots rockets, no need for skillmoves with this guy cause he makes defenders look foolish with just left stick dribbling
The moment you stop using him you threw away 85 k
It was more of a “surprise” annihilation, nothing left of borrusia
He is doing well for me as a second st with marksman in a 4-1-2-1-2, get a lot of assists and does very well creating space with his superb dribbling
He is young, moved to a different country, new club new impressions and all that, bagged his first goal yesterday, maybe that will give him the booste he needs. I think he will be a phenomenal player in a few years no need to worry just yet
Got him from the first icon sbc, about 200 matches in rivals and champs and almost all games in div 1. He is very solid wherever i play him, rb-lb-cdm-cm, i dont know what you are talking about. Top player for me and i was a bit bummed because its always boring to get a defender but he has been nothing but class
If they dont win this but beat sporting at home it will still be a 86 card man, two chances for one win and with the way both besiktas and sporting have been playing lately i think they will at least win one of two matches
Would be amazing to link him with super guus, saving up to buy rvp and henke larsson and i have myself a nice little Feyenoord oriented first team!
Ik speel hem cam in een 4-1-2-1-2 met hunter, 51 potten 30 goals 29 assists in div 1, niemand houd hem bij met een hunter
He is very good, first 3 games of champs 2 g 4 a from cam
Said the man typing on his cell phone
I love uefa marquee matchups from now on, my first big pull from this fifa, until now i had mukiele rttk as most expensive so this is a massive upgrade
This guy is ridiculous, have been looking for him more tbh because i support Feyenoord but he is an absolute machine on cam with a hunter for me, 14 games 18 goals and 11 assists in rivals div 1 so far, its ludicrous how good his shooting and passing is
Valt wel mee joh, elke keeper maakt rare blunders in dit spel
Lisboa gok ik
Nicknamed the non flying Dutchman and there was a banner at Highbury saying “why fly when you can walk in water” from the fans, sadly it was also the reason he only played little caps for the Netherlands for a player of his stature
He has the most ever goals with weak foot in the PL
Got him in reds and tried him at cam because why not with those stats, long shots, passing, helping out the defense, this man does it all. Amazing card
St with engine and he just bangs em in frim every angle, i couldnt be happier with him, playing div 2 know its not the best but he has 22 games with 31 goals and 12 assists for me, seems more then decent
Beter goed gejat dan slecht bedacht, 1 op 1 de kop van een VI artikel
For me this guy, use hawk and he is agile, big, strong and with both good finishing and passing, also very rapid and hard to get of the ball
Got him from prime icon player pick a while ago, definition of clinical, scored a 143 and assisted another 76 in 134 matches. He has that sticky icon luck where the ball ricochets straight to him after tackles from your opponent
Not the best off course but considering inzaghi, shearer and these kind of boys certainly a win
Nah man, sometimes you just have those matches where ea already decided you aren’t aloud to win and their gk becomes a huge brick wall, happend both ways to me in wl today, you win some you lose some
2 assists allready against Athleti, what a season this boy is having so far!
Give her some extra snacks tonight, she earned it
+1 for a win only counts for the first match you dumbass
This guy is insane, 13 games in div 3 and he scored 9 goals as an attacking cm, i use the hunter chem style and he is just out of this world for me. Does not play like an 82 card, wayway better
Your mom must be the proudest chicken in the hem house

centraal verdedigende middenvelder

You play the game to have a little fun and whats more fun than trying new players.. if all you do is worry about investments/losing a little coins the fun is over imo
14k is just ridiculous, i played him at cam for a 118 matches in div 1 and wl now, the guy scored 101 goals and gave 73 assists. So many goal contributions for so little coins. Hoping for an other if but his passing, dribbling and shooting is allready insane, could have been even more goals if it weren’t for the 3*wf but thats a downside im willing to accept for 14k
Freaking love this card
Von persia
F*ck me, knew i shouldn’t have dine that stupid sbc, stupid me
Ik heb Bijlow nog steeds basis hoe hard ik me ook aan hem irriteer af en toe
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