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So after I grew tired of 90 Henry due to his clumsiness, I kept the Arsenal way and got this guy. And I do not look back, he is faster, more agile, a better passer, stronger, better in the air, and shoots the same, if not even better. I use him in between TOTT Mane & Sterling and boy, it feels like the road runner got kids and they now run beside him. This guy would beat the Flash in a race through time. He is so...
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Good, but not worth it

So as an Arsenal-fan I love playing with this guy as a CAM, right behind the King himself (Henry), he gets the job done, but for that price I expect more. I did his SBC and got it for around 600k, so at least i did not spend the 1,5m he cost at the time. He is without a doubt the most frustrating player I have ever used. He can score absolute screamers yet fail to score tap ins. He can fire those driven shots in from anywhe...
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The Tank

So I was struggling with FIFA 19, couldn't find a decent striker who worked for me and the new way I had to play due to the new game. I tried Icardi, Immobile, Higuain, Lacazette, Kane, with only Kane providing goals for me on a regular basis. But with Kane feeling a bit to slow, heavy, clumsy, I decided to try this beast out. He changed everything, I went from a 1-1 winning/losing game all the time, to winning the majority...
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