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All futmas long I was waiting for a solid player to come out , that could eventually even play in my main team . I waited and waited and on 1 day I saw Matuidi . I played his normal card in my main team so I thought I could do him. His UCL card is about 140k and I completed the futmas card for about 130 , so it was definitely worth it if you talk about the price. First I did him I just thought oh ok now that I have him he i...
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Davide Calabria

I got him recently for 93 k and Im really happy with him . He plays absolutely great and keeps my defense very safe . Defensively he is a beast , eventhough he is only 1.76 cm he wins many headers and duels. In the offense he is ok , he doesnt really go forward that much so he dont gets involved in many attacks. Moreover he is absolutely fast as fuck and easily outruns most of the wingers. The best chem style for him is pro...
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