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Best Supersub Ever (Gervinho AKA Usain Bolt)

I know this card was a challenge from long ago and there is no way of getting it anymore but maybe this review will convince you to keep this card instead of trading it in for an sbc or whatever. Ever since I got this card I have used it as a super sub in pretty much every WL/div rivals game I have played and this guy has been insane. The amount of times this man has turned game...
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Decent but not great

I purchased this Mane with the hopes that he would be a good CAM to fit my system, and after using him for a weekend league where I placed gold 1 I can safely say that he has been quite underwhelming. I played him as a CAM in a 4-1-2-1-2(2) right behind 87 Son and Mbappe and I don't know if he's just not suited to be a CAM but he really was not great. This was the first time I u...
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