Join Date

Pace 79

Acc 77

Sprint speed 80

Shooting 81

Positioning 75

Finishing 75

Shot power 96

Long shots 82

Volleys 74

Penalties 81

Passing 83

Crossing 79

FK Accuracy 51

Short passing 90

Long passing 89

Curve 57

Dribbling 81

Agility 80

Balance 65

Reactions 80

Ball control 84

Dribbling 82

Composure 80

Defending 82

Interceptions 80

Heading accuracy 90

Def. awareness 80

Standing tackle 84

Sliding tackle 82

Physical 90

Jumping 91

Stamina 85

Strength 93

Aggression 90


WAAAAY too many promos still... Imagine getting a Rulebreaker in April


LOL my guy doubled in price for a +1


Come on EA, you already killed Eredivisie TOTS, now I probably can't even get one this year... :(


Wow. Thanks EA, I got him from the first AND second party bag... Duplicate untradable.

No weekend league for this guy this week


I love this guy. He is a legend at my favourite club, plus he battled cancer in 2017, during his career. I'm happy to see him get a TOTS.


Imagine being 4th in La Liga and scoring 4 goals in 5 games of which 3 are against number 14 (1 time) and 17 (twice). This was literally the card I was most hopeful about, yet most disappointed by at the same time...


to see where icon swaps have gone...


Relax bro he will surely get an SBC this week


Why 70 chem?? It's not like anybody will start any of these players you're gonna pack


He is absolutely insane. Sadly he probably won't be upgraded, but he is my main super sub at the moment. 15 goals out of 10 games (as a 60 min SUB!!!)


Huilen! Iedere supporter van iedere club betaalt geld voor merchendise of een seizoenskaart oid. Gebeurt uit pure liefde voor de club, ook al speel je ieder jaar degradatie voetbal.

Liefde voor de club, klinkt alsof jij daar nog een hoop van moet leren


Yeah CSL had an SBC, but Eredivisie? Nope.


I use him with a shadow, really good, I can only imagine what he's like with the upgrade tonight.

He's the French Kante


9x 85 2x 84. But 1 IF, seems overpriced, but every time I open one during a promo I seem to get very lucky. Trying to sc**** my club to find some fodder for this one and save it for FUT Birthday coming Friday


OMG imagine if that was the 1-2. I'd be celebrating that as if my country won the world cup


LOL true. He looks CLAPPED in game


I totally miss the days where Nep would sing the *Sudamericana Griiiiind* =(


well for being second MVP in the league I think the rating is pretty low. He literally carried Feyenoord to the Conference League


So they promised Icon Swaps on the 26th of March, but there's nothing? What's the matter?


I'm afraid there will be a silly hybrid TOTS on Monday... I am looking forward to the Eredivisie TOTS so much, I just hope it's not flooded with CSL players I will never use...


Bit in the middle really... While being 14th, they scored more goals than Watford (2nd), Swansea (3rd) and the same as Reading (5th). The are playing Brentford (4th) -- would be nice to score 1 goal (last game was 2-2, in Brentford).

Then Bristol (13th), which they could score 1 or 2 against. Last game was 0-1 unfortunately.

Next is Norwich, which is a bit of an L because it's away and Norwich is top of the table. Last game was 1-2 though, so maybe 1 goal.

Last is Wycombe which are dead last. If we are lucky they score 3 against them. It's probably gonna depend on this game.(Last was 5-0)


I've tried him a few games, bc I got him recently in the party bag. He is quite good, ngl his acceleration lets him down very slightly. However he has decent reactions and insane interceptions (with a shadow). This combo causes loads of good lunges for the ball when the opponent shoots (auto blocks). Other than that his passing is really noticeably better than a lot of CBs out there. He is SUPER strong (obviously) and has high jumping so he will feel like a machine with corners (only not when against Giroud moments or Isak FS, learnt that the hard way lol).


I was almost spot on with my comment on Senesi... LOL

But this is an absolute joke. Look at the Eredivisie TOTS last year... Almost everyone here is very underrated, apart from Dumfries, Max and Giakoumakis.

Blind had a very unfortunate injury and over the course of the season it's fair to say that Senesi deserved it more than him.


Party bag!! W I'd say, any people that follow the French league that think he can be upgraded?


I'm hoping and praying he will get an SBC card, but it's between him or Ozil. Fingers crossed!!!




My TOTS prediction:

GK - Pasveer


LB - Wijndal

CB - Bazoer + Blind/Boscagli

RB - Dumfries (though I think Geertruida deserves it more)


CM - Koopmeiners + Gravenbergh + Klaassen


LW - Tadic

ST - Giakoumakis (Zahavi as an SBC?)

RW - Berghuis

Honourable mentions (SBCs or Objectives and Silver Stars):

Malen (although he had a showdown card)

Senesi (although he had a storyline card)


Van Ewijk



I'm certainly looking forward to tonight and hope I can get them all for a fun team!


He will, and then crash HARD when PL tots comes out with better English players.


if you can't beat squad battles on World Class... what are you even doing


La Liga, it's confirmed


Be original and get Varane out of your squad


They need one more goal out of their next two games I believe. Next game is on Friday, so probably we need to wait one more week for the upgrade. Better than Papu Gomez owners (like me) LOL.


There was a looooot of hype. He was arguably the best player. Sevilla needed 2 goals in their last match and they only scored 1 I think, which was the GK (LOL)

He dropped because he didn't get the upgrade. If he was a 92 now, he would still be in everybody's team


I could only sub him on, is he worth it for that? He looks fun and I love this guy

Is he worth it to complete if I can only use him on 5 chem?


The perfect CB! If he had a real face it would be the perfect card

But yeah this is by a mile the best CB I've ever had in my life. I will never be able to afford the icons or TOTS Varanes anyways lol


Man, I played 12 SB matches on World Class today... That stuff sucks... But I did Bamford finally!


Just did him with the last things I had in my club except very high rated fodder for whenever icon SBCs come out.

As a Feyenoord fan, I hope Ajax wins tomorrow :)


This SBC got me moving my team towards Bundesliga. I have now got Roussillon, Tapsoba, St. Juste and Baku (Or Klaiber on 7 chem, because no Dutch managers are in the game???) But yeah this will be my backline for the rest of the game probably. Waman and Sabitzer in there as well make it really enjoyable for me.

Don't care about meta and I'm actually having fun with this RTG this year! :D


No boards or above. Not even an IF this time, there goes my last little bit of low rated fodder... The rest I need for the ****tiest part of friendlies (hint: it starts with an M and ends with anagerial Masterpiece).


yes, but he's still insane for me ngl.


Hope he gets better soon! I actually heard this news on Futbin, what do you know. You can even follow the news here.

On another note: will he keep dropping? I wanna try him. I haven't touched this card since the start of FUT 21. I wanna see what the hype is about. Will he drop more? Or rise again on Thursday?


They're expensive because of the insane price of rares and non rares due to the upgrade picks, prices will drop on Friday


big W


If you really wanna make the community happy, just quick sell.

Seriously though: I'd say keep him as he is an end-game CB and has the potential to get upgraded. I don't think Liverpool will beat this Real


Is it Eredivisie on Monday?


Lol if you're not from China shut up about Pelle. He's been amazing there after coming from the PREMIER LEAGUE. Also, Ajax has been the best club this season, but it's not the only great club LOL. Please start watching more games than only your own


WTF they scored the same amount of goals against their 2 games against Dortmund as in their last 5 games in La Liga. What a joke


yeah you get like 70-ish K back in turns of packs and put in 25-30k. good value in my opinion, and they're tradable. That's the only reason people do it. Because I have never in the last 3 Fifa's packed anything noteworthy out of Marquee Matchups, so I should actually stop doing it.


Yeah but the CSL also got an SBC and Eredivisie didn't


Came here to say that his dribbling isn't very good at all... It feels like it is no better than high 60s. His shooting however is very nice. 4* WF definitely is very welcome.

I'm using a basic chemstyle on him as it seems to give the best boost for him. In terms of dribbling, this ain't it... But I can't explain why. His dribbling stats are 90s with 87 reactions, he has a lean body type... Anybody knows what it could be?


for the people complaining: there is nothing much to do anyways, might as well do this FREE card?! with TOTS coming it's good to have some fodder if you don't use him. I'm gonna try him with a mad pace boost because I happened to pack the sickest Bundesliga team this year.


He replaced my prime Kenny Dalglish, what an absolute machine this is. I'm playing him with a finisher and he is literally always in the right position for a through ball or header. BEAST


Is it really that deep guys? If they don't play golden goal, so be it? 14 games takes a maximum of like what... 3.5 hours? That is the ABSOLUTE WORST CASE... Just chill and do it in 2 days if you need to. I personally did it in a little less than 2.5 hours. It's really easy


I packed his FS untradable, but this card... OH MY

Absolutely deadly. With an engine he is as good as it gets. His custom animations are lethal in combination with his pace, WF and SM, height and WR.

Phenomenal. He's be expensive on the market


oh btw, I meant German league instead of French league


I agree. This is why I loved Futbin so much back in the day. Now it's just kids downvoting new SBCs that are not Lingard. Let's keep up the good vibes here


Why would you score one each first?


In my honest opinion, as a Feyenoord fan, I highly doubt he will get a TOTS. PSV has had some good CBs and probably an Ajax one will get it too.

Feyenoord will not have more than Berghuis I'm afraid, although a Senesi one would be mental (for me)


Update: Thanks for whoever put him up for 20k :)


Will he keep rising? I just packed Kent and I need to link him


Can agree with you on most points. Blind is ridiculous, as well as Max. Also, if Tadic would be 93, then Berghuis should be 91 or 92. Those were the two best players in the league imho.

Wijndal, Gravenberch were both robbed and I hope to see an SBC for one of them (preferably Gravenberch)

Senesi had a much better season than Blind so why he isn't in there IDK, but Bazoer deserved it. He had a great season imho.

But apart from the other Ajax players (also Antony), who else deserved it? The CBs didn't do thaaat great? It was mainly Klaassen, Tadic and Antony that carried Ajax


Tough one, I personally prefer Shaw.

Traore Sentinel and Shaw on an anchor. Shaw has MUUUCH better passing (which is very notable in game) and 98 aggression. If you really wanna be that guy, you can pop a shadow on Shaw and he is even faster.

Also, I keep saying this, but it gets downvoted for some reason; high reactions and interceptions (the combination) causes frequent and accurate autoblocks, that's why Shaw is an absolute monster. I do not play him at CB and I have him as my LB in a 4-back formation, but he's a monster defender.


LOL they were like: what to do for Silver Stars? Let's pick a CSL player that played in Eredivisie......... Ffs EA, totally killed Eredivisie TOTS, only thing I cared about this TOTS


These are getting worse quickly...


Doesn't matter, right? I mean you still get the win? :)


Just unlucky, I had no FB's either, but I had like 12 serious walkouts from 50 (Lewa, Kimmich, Kroos etc.), and the rest were all 83+ apart from 7 (they were 81 or 82)


Got him in the 80+ pp. Didn't think too much for him as I have no squad that fits him. However I tried him for the objectives and OH BOY. He is very decent!

Played him with a shadow, that gives him more than acceptable pace and let's be honest INSANE defending! If in doubt: he'd rather make the pass than not, which makes him feel like Guardiola or Kante (in terms of passing!).

The only downside that I can think of are his low agility and balance. Maybe his strength too, but I didn't really feel it tbh. Other than that this card is worth the coins if you NEED that Sarr link. Try it!


well.. you only get to keep one...


At least 2


Depends on what you need? If you need to improve your team overall and you can fit all of them on 10 chem, then definitely Tapsoba. The guy is an absolute rock in my defence. Literally the perfect CB


Klaiber has been a world class right back for me. However given the physicals of Sambia, I'd probably play Klaiber at CB and Sambia RB.


Oh my god. I think I used ALL my luck today. I will never open a pack again. I am not kidding; I got him out of the 4th FB daily SBC 75+ pack. What on earth... I was not prepared lol


10 common golds and 1 bronze for 1 PL player (80+)


I just got Kent in a 75+ pack and now I'm sad I didn't do this card...


Just commenting on the person below (as this would be seen easier than a reply to a comment)

?I'd like to know too.. BPM is probably not the one anymore. The other day I opened about 100 bronze packs (in total 40k) and sold everything that sold immediately + unlocks. I made about 7.5k loss, and crafted about 4 silver upgrades. It's a 'cheaper' way of doing this, where I 'pay' 50 coins per player this way. Unfortunately I do not have nearly enough time to do it all.

Is this the way people do league SBCs? Please help a brother out :)


200k, I think it's fair to say it's reasonable. 11/15 players are worth more than 200k.


composure, WF, passing, touches and his body type. It's just not a great card and I regret doing him.

Don't get me wrong; he is usable, but he's not that insane cracked player that everyone thinks he is.


He's been a lot of fun for me, try to understand his animations and you will feel he's very good.


PL, Serie A or Ligue 1 prime players pack at level 27?


"Above 700k or more" You must be a true academic


No it's because they're playing Bristal and Norwich in their next 2 out of 3 games. It's not that easy to score against them. I have him, but he most likely won't get the upgrade unless they score like 4 goals in their last game against Wycombe. I really hope it happens, although it wouldn't surprise me if it didn't.

He is an absolute machine already though so I don't mind him not being upgraded :)


I hope so! But I don't think they did an U-23 SBC for the minor leagues, did they?


omg I actually sold this guy from an offline draft reward for 350k at the time, instantly sold too... How the turn tables...


WOW. I got him in the silver beasts rare mega pack. WHAT. A. CARD. It's looking good for upgrades too, I reckon Argentina reaches the final, so if they win 3 out of 4 matches in the group stage and then reaches the final (likely to be the case imo). He will be a 98 rated card. Easily one of the best cards in my club this year. If they somehow manage to win all games and he gets a 5* 5* upgrade, 98 rated card. It will be without a doubt the best player in my club ever.

He is such a beast on the ball and his longshots are so good. (98 SP, 97 LS and 99 curve, WITHOUT upgrade... whuuuut)


Club legend for me this year :) Packed him from the first mid or prime upgrade. His body type looks really funny in-game, because he's short and stocky

This kinda proves that not all players with non-lean body types are terrible dribblers. This guy's left-stick dribbles are unreal. Not to mention his Finesse shots. Absolutely insane and he will never leave my team


Feyenoord fan here, but same here man :) My Eredivisie squad will be complete with him!!


Tl;dr: Is he as good as they say, or is it just a joke?


happy bday to him bro


Seems like it is, but of course depends what team you are rocking!


Zou m'n Nederlandse team wel koud maken man, zeker met die Huntelaar van laatst


Even if they not score this weekend, they have another game. That's in April though so it would mean we have to wait for quite a long time for him to be upgraded


I said it earlier, but this is one of the better strikers I used this fifa. He replaced my prime King Kenny. It's the strength for me, because actually they are very very similar. He is so good.


His price trend looks like he has been packed a handful of times


That's enough Futbin for today


lol just play a few hours of SB and get the 10~30k reward in coins + tradable packs. That secured the bag for me in the start of fut 21 and I'm still balling from that


I wonder what his price would be if he was on the market


Shadow or Anchor?


He's better than my midfielders, but I can't fit him in at all sadly :(


Him, Neres and FB Williams are my best super subs and they will defo carry me the coming weeks. For the rest I was not lucky on the prime icon packs... So waiting for icon swaps 3 before getting a new one.

I will probably not pack a TOTS, knowing my luck ;) Best of luck guys!


The Spanish Guardiola

So here goes, my first review! This guy... I completed him today and started playing with him... He is very, very good! I do not have the strongest PL squad, but this guy definitely improved the entire defensive line. I don't know where to start...I'll go from stat to stat, starting with PACE. His pace is see...
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