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The Best Ligue 1 Keeper

Ive gone through many keepers this Fifa, Buffon, Handanovic, Neuer, Fahrmann, and Szczesny but the only player that can top him is Neuer in my opinion. To start, Areola can clear everything but shots from literially 2 meters out (but he occasionally can). His reflexes are insane and way better than Buffon (who i thankfully replaced for him) he's just always positioned well and has good speed for those times you need to pul...
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Ok yall calm down he's not that bad

So this card may look like the U.S economy (bad, just to clarify) but hes ok. I got him out of an untradable inform pack and i felt obligated to use him. For the first 60-70 minutes hes basically Messi minus the shooting, out dribbling defenders left and right, but 60 stamina yeah you really cant do much after that. For the time ive had him ive only used him in a 4-5-1 and he does a decent job at intercepting believe it or ...
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Imagine Akinfenwa's Strength on a DEMIGOD

So basically i needed a link to POTM Lucas and this card came out relatively recently and i was like ooh i can flex on this Div 5 rivals players and Weekend league noobs with this super flashy Serge Aurier card but im glad i decided to clout up my team. This man has the strength of two nuclear bombs in his arms. I have witnessed this man literally demolish any fool who dares to run the wings. If you've ever seen Broly from ...
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