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midfield general

I am very happy to have picked this card up as a major upgrade for my 90 Keane. Firstly tackling is a major issue on this game with the mechanics being broken in the favour of attackers so any CDM is going to have frustrating moments but that’s EA’s fault, my 90 Keane with backbone should have been a machine in 50/50’s but was still losing out so I decided that I might as well get a CDM who can go forward which K...
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lanky streak of p??s

So this isn’t a terrible card but at this point in the game it’s not really usable. I also had 2 of the untradeable versions of this card as I did the Spainish goals objective and then packed him in the community TOTS when I got rid of my onana, so I kind of hate him for that as I couldn’t open any packs until I put one version of him in an SBC! Anyway on with the review so he doesn’t really do very much w...
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Great upgrade

I love this player on Fifa and have now used all 4 versions of him! I got the 86 IF pre ratings refresh for about 60k used him for months and 600+ games with 310 goals and then needed to upgrade and sold him for a tidy 100k. The 86 was a great card and I wasn’t sure the 88 would be worth the extra 250k coins and I considered Neymar or 89 Nedved but opted for Dembele and delighted with it. The upgrade feels ...
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