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Class winger

Serge is a quality right winger, 99 acceleration makes him lightening quick, you don't need to touch the pace so I went for marksman as a chem style which gets his power, finishing and long shots to 99 which is amazing. With a 4star weak foot this means you can just smash it when anywhere near the box and you have a decent chance of scoring. Only downside on shooting is the 80 composure and lack of curve meaning finesse i...
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I’m very late to this but I’ve only just got him and he’s a fabulous card, solves a real problem in the lack of decent wingers between 500-800k. I had been using 92 Neymar but had 600k coins in the bank so sold Neymar to get an improvement. Unfortunately there were not many LW’s in TOTS – tadic is a CAM, el sharwaay doesn’t look great, mane and hazard are ludicrously expensive a bunch of leagues didn...
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all round star

Best striker I’ve used on the game, he’s an absolute star and at under 200k he’s well worth it. I got him in my WL rewards and was actually happy, made a difference from keepers!  I have Veratti so despite running League One side I could bring quag in off 8 chem. I added hawk to him so his acceleration goes to 97 and sprint to 90. Given he’s got a bigger body type he doesn’t feel super fast but...
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