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Time to clear his name

First things first: if you're hesitating about buying him because people are bashing on his card, I say go ahead and buy him because he performs like he should. With that out of the way, the position, league and nation combination alone gives him bonus points. Frankly the selection of LMs, apart from 3-4 players, in the PL is poor. The selection of solid, solid meta players that is. And you can't get more meta than Anderso...
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Best CDM in game

You better believe what I am about to say. He is the best CDM!! Kante has nothing on him. Strap an anchor on him and you have yourself a bull, not a man anymore. He is fast, he is agile, he is strong. Defensively he is just at the right place at the right time. I can't count how many times he intercepted each pass or came from behind to then stand right in front of the running attacker. And the defending is just so crisp. E...
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Strong and menacing presence

The value on this card is incredible. I am so glad that the price is so low because he brings so much to the table. His pace and dribbling might scare you away at first, but please, please, please reconsider him with an engine chem style. It gives him such a significant boost. It becomes so noticeable that he has that sticky dribbling after putting the engine on him. Probably due to the combination of the 88 balance, his fr...
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