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Eden the Provider

97 Eden Hazard is darn near unstoppable. Almost all 99 stats for Pace, Shooting, Passing, and Dribbling don't lie. A standout stat which was the iffy for this card was the strength, since it's low (75) for this stage of the game and his frame. I haven't had many problems with him getting pushed off the ball, and he outmuscles players often. Being as dynamic as he is, I've been racking up the assists with him. He can get alm...
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Kante Sr.?

This guy has a weird distribution of stats but decided to give him a try to link up Grizi and Thauvin. I must say I do enjoy having him patrol the midfield when I have Grizi and Aouar pushing forward. 84 strength with Sentinel but seems stronger than that; maybe because of his small frame. Wins the ball back very often and has great positioning defensively, but can also get forward and and blast in some long shots with his ...
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Surprisingly Good RW

Seems I end up using Thauvin every year as my end game RW, whether it be for lack of good left-footed options or linkability. Anyway, this year is no different and I've been using him ever since I got him in the Ligue 1 guarantee. I've considered switching him out for a more expensive option, but I can't complain with his productivity. Very quick, great finesse shots, and the I haven't had a problem passing with either foot...
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