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Florenzi- the defense felon

At the beginning, I really want to note that this reviews refers only to the card in FIFA, so please Alessandro do not be mad at me. As it may be expected after first sentence the overall rating won't be the greatest. Florenzi is a huge disappointment, because I would rather expect at least good RB. Unfortunately, he ended up on my transfer list with my big relieve. I will describe all...
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Manolas- mano problems

It is always weird when something seems fantastic and good but finally ends up as an unwanted matter. I was expecting decent play from this player and I considered him as an ideal partner to Benatia. I was counting on his pace, which could fix my mistakes. Unfortunately, all of it was mistake. He really did not manage. It is a specific example when player is fairly good as an individual entity, but not only ...
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Benatia- an african professor

Serie A (or notorious Calcio A) was always full of great defenders, especially CB's, in all of the price ranges and this year, it seems to be even better. There is no other solution to cope with such a luxury in terms of defenders from Serie A than to test them one by one (unless you read this review). However, the moment of picking Benatia for a trial has to end with a regular play and what kind of play it is!
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