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Simply excellent.

First of all, my apologies to those expecting a Boateng review from having someone that played him in the CDM position. I got him last Friday after using FUT Birthday Sané for the goals and then swapped him in a 4231 around in-game with FB Luiz, so that Boateng would play CB, alongside 93 Cannavaro, and Luiz CDM. The games I played after that, are all Weekend League (and I think 4 DR games in Division 1). This guy helped m...
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Better than his other cards? I'd say yes.

Hey there. You might recognize me from the review on the base card Sandro had. I was planning on reviewing his first in form after I bought it and used it for a respectable amount of games, but since there were already 2 reviews out relatively quick, it felt unnecessary for me to review him. To quickly summarize my thoughts on that card, it's a great card but I don't think it's value for money. Not too soon after, he receiv...
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Lass das mal den Papa machen!

Sokratis. As soon as I saw the announcement for TOTG, I went to get his OTW card. After the SBC dropped and he got upgraded, I quickly sold it for huge profit and bought this card with a Shadow. I've lost some money on him, but I have no regrets. He is absolutely fantastic, every attacker, even the biggest and strongest will have a tough time against him. For 40-45K, this card is an absolute steal and will give a huge boost...
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