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Playmaker L'Extraordinaire (part Deux)

I did the review of AOUAR FFS and so i am back to review his TOTS version.The major upgrades I noticed from the FFS version are his:Dribbling - i like to use him to dribble from deep in my own half and take out two midfielders through centre. His dribbling is unique, somehow most players have flair but doesnt neccessarily leave opponents drop dead, they can recover quickly and tackle you again....
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TOTS Nandos Chicken.. yum.

Okay so free publicity there for nandos. But seriously folks, TOTS Bernardo Silva is the best player in my squad thats filled with TOTS Hazard , moments Best, 94 POTM Reus, He is blessesd with springy acceleration, most people would say its messi like. If you play in the centre of the park like me you will absolutely love his dribbling. He is a CDM magnet, they will want to tear him up a new hole. Then he will evade 3-4 of ...
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Danish Pastry Recipe

For an all-rounded dough with an ambidexterity complex that turns football into a sinful delight, you need:one daneambidextrous feet20/20 visionfootball brain181cm | 5'11"77 strengthmed/high Cooking Instructions:Mix dough in 'LCAM' with 'hunter' sugar a...
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