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gonna be the UEL kondogbia we loved in fifa 19


kinda disappointed that they only gave him 8 more in pace when guy like fernandinho got 12 more.... typicall EA. ofc it's still a great card. but 82 pace is just not enough for this year with all the high tier pacey players.


just bought 5 of them for 70k. Gonna look back at this comment in 2020 to see if it was worth it.


Have now played 10 games with him as striker in 4231 with hunter chem. loved his gold card back in the start of fifa 20 and this card is SO MUCH more deadly. gold was great but has its cons. biggest con being his 3 star wf. but now with the 5 star wf he became like a dalglish on steriods. not only is he insane with great skills. good aggression and fast as **** with hunter and the fact that he has both outside footshot, finesse trait and chip shot which makes his shots so easy to get in from any angel. So 100p go for him. 10 games with 14 goals and 3 assist. go for hunter for pace boost imo


would also be pretty weird if he felt clunky when the man is 180cm with 90 blance and 89 agility :D


eh no. courtois was 70k = one 84 rated squad. most people like me did him for free. also courtois is 99 in all and a bit taller. So jokes on you


best keeper i'v tried this fifa. his saves are unbelievable. he is everywhere. with basic it feels like his stats are 110 + Yh. some balls go in on rebounds and stupid things but that is EA's fault not his. Get him if you can! you wont regret. i tried stegen, courtois, ederson, oblak, donnarumma and szchezny before him and none of them were close to him. stegen is my second choice and can give a review on de gea, allisson og lloris. but neuer is the best for me! he is the reason i went elite 2 last WL and is already 14-2 this weekend


yep. just like all the other years and people never learn. go with whatever keeper works for you and think of links instead of ratings and stats. their in game performance can deliever a totally different image


nah. he is great for sure. but semedo is better if you like quick, agilie and good tacklers. capa is better if you like players like walker = strong and fast but not the most agilie or best tacklers. 1 skillmove and they are gone. semedo doesn't get fooled like that.


2.5 mil :O are people retarded. just get C-ronaldo or mbappe 91 for half

OMFG. Just packed him from SB rewards! Been wanting him for 2 years now. But never could afford him... So happy and Also My first icon packed !!!

JUST GOT HIM! ....... In draft...


i think most will just start him and someone like desailly and then switch around in game ;)


lol who that **** pays 100k extra for a +1 upgrade or even the card design.... people are legit stupid


he is a monster! just sold my FS greenwood to try him out for the last WL games. 10 WL games played now with marksman. 14 goals and 2 assist :O What a monster! not only does his pace feel like 99 but he is so agilie and hits goal with every shot no matter what foot (ofc no wonder since he has 5 star wf but still) also the fact that he still have the defending and physics as a RB makes him insane since he bullies of the big defenders like ramos and VVD and even steals the ball back again on rebounds and such! For 500k. he is a steal. He feels like mbappe but with better physics! 8/10 from me


nope. he just didn't skip leg day.


yep. EA are just retarded and dont watch football... digne and other PL players get + 5 rating. lala gets +1 .... So ridiculous. he should have been 82 like semedo at least


relax mate. his IF is like 20k.... i think you can live on from your 10k loss


tallest keeper in game!




I dont understand how EA can be so retarded like 8/10 times with these sbc's even though most of the pro players try to help them by saying that what they do it wrong and stupid. i mean. we knew he would be expensive. but not this. around 1.5 mil would have been fair since he is untradeable and only a bit better that than his normal and inform.... but 2.5 mil for an untradeable with something like 300k worth of packs back is just ridiculous.... So glad i didn't invest in high rated cards. because people who do this are either complete stupid or pure P2W


apply engine and your opponent will need to buy a new controller


not as many as your mom. but a fair amount ;)


legit couldn't be happier. i did allan 91 and witsel sbc. mertens is litterly the only offensive player other that icons ofc that can link them


69 reaction even with sniper :O omg. this dude wouldn't even notice a wall before he hitting it


who cares. we are in mid august mate. play with whoever you want


yep., he's a beast in game just like his headliner card last year. i know semedo is good. but people are retarded when they pay 50k for him when you can get this machine for 15k


haha legit biggest joke of the EA ..... should have been a prime moments sbc if any and around 500-800k to complete since game is dead anyways with no games being played


him and pique scream or VDD and gonna be a ****ing nightmare for every striker! 12 inch of big D right up the a-s-s!


okay retard. comparing a 1 mil icon to totw gk.... why not compare militao to prime rio....... idiot


tbh i wasn't expecting much when buying him but i needed to upgrade my rodrigo and need a spanish la liga to still get morales on full chem and OMG aspas really impressed me! i use him with hunter as CAM in 4231 and he is litterly everywhere! he outruns most CB's. his shooting is perfect and he can put it in the net both from inside and outside with both feet. feels like 4 star WF to me and the 3 star SM might scare some people but since skills really insn't a thing this year 3 star is fine since ball roll and drag back are some of the most OP moves this year. his passing is perfect. so 9/10

no shit sherlock

sure you did


and med/med workrates. but yh. other than those 2 cons. he is perfect! whack a hawk on him and you got a perfect player for this meta


thank god i did the promes OTW for 10k


thb. this guy is insane. i needed a brazillian GK to link with both lenglet and paulista and i had tried stegen, courtois and oblak before and they were okay. oblak being the best but also 60k. But OMG neto really suprised me! for an 85 rated 6k GK he actually performed better most other 50k+ GK's. his reflexes feels much better and he feels bigger than 190cm. he his diving is great too. only con i can think about is he is not good in 1v1 and not as good as stegen with feet saves aka low driven shots and such. but i would say he is 7/10 and 100p at good GK to go with!

game is pretty much dead mate. so no. Nothing is gonna rise or anything

agree. i play both him, ramos and pique scream. can tell it's a bloodbath in my defence. gomez accident 2.0


are you retarded? HE IS A ****ING CB.... When do dumb kids like you get that CB dont need more than 50 stamina to last 120 min... They dont run up and down the pitch


carlos and not even a challenge

probably people regretting they voted for pogba

doesnt matter dummy. he is a CB. they dont need more than 70


just tried him in draft. i'v always hated his other version throughout fifa but this card is a monster. not only does he feel fast and more agilie than stats say. but his shooting is insane. no matter which angel he shoot from it went in and only makes it even more insane that he has finesse trait! i'm gonna stay him in my team along with FS greenwood as 2 striker setup in 4222 this WL. Wish me good luck! ;) will leave a review on monday


Cant wait to use him. He's gonna be so deadly with Hunter

Plz tell me where you find kante for 20k?

use me as the this guy above is retarded....


like if you can spell GUARANTEED

again disliked all your videos

again a mid icon sbc.... come on EA. give us prime moments or at least prime icon normal..... 90% of mid icons are trash at this stage of fifa.


ofc it is just a re-release with same squads.... EA ffs. we are in september. less the 1 month away from release of fifa 21. just lets us do this for 1 x 85 rated squad max


sry mate. but only US people care about 4th of july. in all of EU and so on it is just a normal day


to match his **** size


i call bull**** and lies

You know you can find him on market with the style applied already for like 4k. So it is worth

because he is like a cheap vieira on the field. 192 cm = big in game body like van dijk also has the right workrate with high defending and what's even better is he is 80 + pace and can actually shot and finish compared to other CDM's. so all in all he is one of the best all around midfielders in the game. just put anchor or shadow on him. you can even put hunter on him if you want him to be more offensive. but anchor is the best choice is you ask me

sbc cards yes. RTTF cards no
are you dumb? look at foden and diaby. just wait a day or two

you must really suck at defending then


funny since you said you DIDN'T complete him and therefore dont know that he doesn't feel clunky at all and in fact is a vieira 91 for free... so joke is on you dummy. no matter what


we miss you in copenhagen!


wrong page mate or awful joke


haha people are so hyped for the new batta card that they wanna overpay now instead of just waiting a week for everything to settle after Black friday. stupid kids


you have 6 days mate. so just wait until black friday and he will be 100k cheaper


since he didn't get a TOTS card. i'm pretty sure EA will give him a moments sbc or something because dembele for sure wont get a Flashback TOTS sbc now since ansu fati got one.


no. you wanted st juste. clearly most people wanted a bundeliga midfielder

Haha funny seeing All the little Kids still thinking he Will get re-released. Keep dreaming
Nah. 99 pace 99 shooting and 98 dribbling looks better to me

dont listen to them. it's because of EA servers during WL which makes cards like him or cards with low agility in general feeling bad during bad gameplay :) simple test is to play one WL game and then after go into SB and play a game. you will feel a big difference because gameplay is better :) So you can do him. he is still a beast. but wait untill FUTB sbc and mid icon has expired since price is way too high now. he will drop like 200k in price once those sbc's are out

says the guy commenting on a new released player in july.... makes sense kid

he wont. even though he might not be the best card in game at this stage. most us him because he is a legend and their favorite player including me. i paid 3.5 mil for my 91 R10 and even though iv lost like 2 mil on him and could give the spot to some like Atal TOTS or Reus TOTS which i got from guarantees i will keep dinho. he is just machine and my all time fav. i feel better with him on my team :D

Sure you do. In div 8 maybe
Who cares. Fuck castro

wauw. you are fast....


because his baby were from his early years where he played midfielder and tried to find out his placement on the field. but CB/CDM was the right choice for him with that height, strenght and tackling


no special cards like futmas sbc and such doesn't affect OTW. OTW card are only affected by informs. so his next upgrade will still 84. sbc card dont affect OTW


Tried him for 10 WL games and to be honest for 3.5 mil i expected something MUCH more TOTY alike. I played him with engine and his shot is insane along with strenght and aggression. but his agility and turns along with pace just feels so slow. also the fact that he is 3/3 makes it hard for him to get past defenders unless you are played 2 striker formation with pure tiki taka possieion play. SO all in all 6/10 looking at performance, stats and price. 10 games with 8 goals and 2 assist. Not worth over 1.5 mil for me. I went back to my TOTY mane on 7 chem which is so much better and 2.5 mil

Wouldnt call a 600k player in June for underrated

are you dumb? they released blanco because timbers won MLS league


okay fan boy. man u still suck though


says more about your IQ than EA's pack luck. sry to say


at some points yh. his shooting, crossing and passes are more clean. but V-junior is better on the ball and skills of course because of the better agility and balance



Haha joke of the year. You. Must be div 8 if you think he is bad. He is the closet you Will ever get to 90 gullit and for 200k he is godly and links easy. You Are probably just salty because you didnt do him and lost to a guy with him and know try to down grade



i have a strong feeling EA will give him a 5/5 FUT B-DAY card. dont know why. but just a feeling


so? i'm a fulltime fifa streamer. so kinda my job to be updated


plz cry some more mate


his just totally destroyed my opponents in draft 10 min ago!

I'v always loved 90 crespo i played with him for over 1000 games last year and knew this card of course would be a bit better. but DAMN! he was on fire in that draft and scored almost 4 goals for me every game and his strenght felt like 90 + :O he pushed of ramos and VVD.... unluckily though i lost to a guy with moments 97 R9 in last game which was insane aswell! but damn crespo! might have to get this guy

No you Are just trash.

no one cares a bout a loan player EA ffs...


might aswell just do him instead of POTM neymar and save 1 mil and use them on a CB like blanc or desailly = way better value for coins


you couldn't be more wrong


last week


what do you think dummy. he is less than 100k ..... put him around 80k and he will sell. stop begging for coins


this guy is broken AF. just played a game against the worst noob. i had 23 shots on goal. he had 6 and still the game ended 3-3. his GK aka mister perfect took anything. corners fine. But no matter where i shot. near post, skill move around keeper. 2v1 and so on. he still took it or touched it enough for it to hit post and then grab it on rebound. so ridiculous considering his stats. so go for him if you can. appartenly EA buffed him in game. So he feels like prime van der saar.


no. set him 10-20k under lowest price and he will sell. stop begging for coins!

Great card. But to bad i can get him in now after trying to for paulinho in the team



i'v now tried V-junior for around 50 games which deadeye, sniper and marksman chemstyle. he is okay and fast. but doesn't feel like 99 agility in game and his finishing feels like 80 max. either hits post or shot right into the keepers hands... so mbappe for sure. V-junior is not worth more than 150k max in my book


insigne is LW mate. WAY harder to link since most use neymar as LW and also. a guy like me who has allan and witsel sbc cant use insigne. but mertens is perfect for linking them


EA fucked him up

i loved joao felix's FS card. and since i run a la lige squad with vinny SH, dembele SH, Lenglet, vidal and so on. he would fit perfect in.I did him for free with fodder which is nice for a 95 rated card but dont get me wrong. he doesn't feel like an upgrade to his FS.I played 10 WL games with him starting with CAM in 4231 with hawk applied, The moved to engine and last sniper. but tbh. nothing helped. He feel...
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Cheap mbappe. Feels so smooth in game!

Really don't understand all the hate on this card. Yeah. he might not be the player you wanted and he might be a bit overpriced. But that's because of market prices ATM. I loved his normal gold card and did this SBC for around 100k and i think he is totally worth it. I'v used him for 5 WL games now with sniper and let me tell you. HE FEELS MUCH BETT...
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Performs better than stats say

i was very sceptic about him at first because he doesn't look like much compared to a price tag around 80k :O so meanwhile i'v tried telles, ferland mendy, marcelo, rousslion and tagliafico. Mendy, telles and rous being top 3. But know since i had a 300k extra just sitting there and have allan in my team to get him on full chem. i decided to test hi...
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