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Played nearly 1000 games with Kante gold and ucl live Kante. I‘m in love with this mate in fifa 20, best cdm for me.

so the toty was the logical next step and holy ****... awesome update. My problem with gold card was the bad passing. Ucl live was great, but sometime some inches were missing. This toty card feels like a cheat, you can get every ball/tackle, can score goals and passing ist from another universe... I play him with hawk as cdm.

if you are looking for the best endgame card for cdm, here it is!


89 Rated Monster for 50k and everyone is crying... This game is dead...


I played more than 250 games with :mbappe: and he was ok, but he felt not as a real striker in my 4-2-3-1. I changed to Aguero Scream and holy ****... That was a great update. He has a great statistic for me in div2. He is able to score from crazy situations and gave me a good feeling when i´m playing with him. It is difficult to descirbe, but he gives me a good feeling in game to score in every situation and that is awesome. I´m happy to play with him!


Had many problems with gold kante when it comes to the final pass... lot of miss passes. The cl version is unbeliveable, plays a lot better then the normal one! I like this card, now i have a fast beast on my cdm... N´GOLO KANTE...


Your comment shows, why you will never earn elite in the wl :sweat_smile:


Totally agree. I was thinking about selling him, because the price goes down and down, but why?! from my point of view he is the best cdm for me and there is no equal player in that range. fifa 20 does not know headers, so he is perfect :sweat_smile:


I was never a big fan of the kelly family, but joey kelly is a great player in the cdm! Awesome presence and gread physicality in every tackle.

I will buy a best of cd of the kelly´s for sure!


typical sentence from a person who has never played with him :sweat_smile:

this guy is like neo from matrix...


I tried Cruyff 91 and Pele 91. I´m in love with this Pele Card. Feels really good and scores a lot of goals for me in the WL. For me, much better than Cruyff. Like him


Just wow! "Unser Loddar" is in real life close up to a clown, but it looks like he was an exceptionally good midfielder. I sold my toty kante (his passing box to box was to bad for me) and re-invested the coins into Matthäus moments and it was the best decision. Perfect Passing, great presence, good defending...


The left foott makes the birthday card better then the toty, my opinion! But the guy is talking about the tots card of mbappe! he must be from ea and knows more... :sweat_smile:


I didn´t play Cannavaro. I sold my Toty Kante to get some Coins and bought Petit Prime Moments as replacement and till now i´m really happy with him. I think it depends where do you need more improvement at the moment. For me it is clear that the attacker and the midfielder are the important positions! In the defense you can play so many good and cheap players and they do all the job.


Both... Firmino will take the offensive part n´golo the def. perfect combination in my cdm!


I was looking for a new CAM behind Pele and Messi... I played Neymar and Butra Prime on that position and both were good, but strong as my little sister when she wasn´t born. If there was a tackle, the ball was lost.

So my next step was this man... After 20 Games i´m really happy. He´s shooting is good, but not so clean as the other two guys, but the rest is much better! Presence, WOW! Passing, WOW! Tackling, WOW! Agility, WOW^2! Till now i´m really happy with this guy, play type looks a little bit like Gullit 90... I´m looking forward for this WL :)


I tried mid cruyff and baby Pele... I would go with Pele! Feels much better ingame as cruyff.


I play 4231 with Kante and Gullit and it is awesome... There is only one thing with Gullit in the weekend league, Stamina.. But he in combination with kante is the best you can have from my point of view.


I sold my Pele to play this Mbappe Card, or better to play 5 WF Mbappe. I´m not sure if this is an EA Birthday Boost at the moment, but this card is sick. He feels so unbeliveable smooth and quick togehter and his finishing is perfect. At the moment i can not stop laughing every game in Div1/2...


Toty card will destroy your creditcard, nothing else :D


For the perfect wl sweat go with vieira... for playing fifa, go with matthäus.


His left foot saved my ass in div2/wl so many times... i never played the gold card in fifa20, but this card is from a different world... Makes me happy every day! :messi:

Thanks to all panic seller for make the purchase possible for me :messi:

This boys is the missing puzzle piece I've been looking for. I tried all sorts of CB's besides Virgil (Gomez, Sanchez, Ake, Tottenham Boys, ...) and nothing convinced me. Unfortunately I could not install Varane, bad chem. This aggressive machine conjures up a smile on my face! Stamina is no prob, just the aggressive style spends a lot of yellow cards.


Why is the price just exploding right now? Did i miss anything? Bough him a week ago for 5.4m...


So honestly it feels like that there are good Bday Mbappe Cards and bad Bday Mbappe Cards out there. It is difficult to describe, but sometimes it feels like that not every equal card feels ingame same :)

For me both feets of bday Mbappe are crazy. It is the same feeling as Messi gave me when he is in a good spot. 100% secureness and control with right and left feet. After ~30 Games with this Mbappe (Div1/2) i never had the situation that he missed a sure shot and that is what i want and for what i was looking for.

It is just my opinion, but at the moment i´m really happy with him!



It was baby pele 91. I was really in love with Pele, but this card feels like another level.


A best of TOTW Event will be available tomorrow, but no scream cards...


Had a lucky second and he was on the market for 740k last friday, so i bought him for trading... but honestly he is the best you can get as lb... great passing, perfect def stats and awesome for freekicks!

I didn´t sell him till today... he maks me happy.


play him with shadow, trust me!


I think so as well, but the totgs will have nearly the same stats as this IF card. Only the price will be higher, because it is new card with a different design... awesome!


Naingo... dele scream agility is killing your fun...


Makes it sense to update to the 93 Gullit? I never had Gullit before, but the 90 version is unbeliveable in-gane. I saw a lot of pros at the end of fifa19 still playing with Gullit 90. What could be the price for the 93?!


In the end the price will be the same...


I have both and i have to be honest... kante is the top of the hill, but nainggo is a really gut cdm. if you go with nainggo, you will make nothing wrong!


I was really looking forward to the card, but the card feels bad for me ingame. He feels not really quick... He is not that kind of player for scoring goals every game and his agility is bad. Mane or Mbappe (if lw) playes much more agile and they can score much better goals. If I didn't know the overmars stats, I would have bet on tempo 85 and agility 80. It is just my opinion...


Please Chelsea... go for place three in group stage! :upside_down:

N´Golo and Chelsea will reach more in the UEL and this card will get better updates then in UCL, for sure.


The end of a long journey

Like everyone else out there, i played many Players in the front. At the beginning of Fifa i played Players like G. Jesus, Rashford and Aubameyang. Later i updated to Mbappe Gold Version, gave CR7 a try, Scream Aguero, tried Neymar IF 93 and Butra Prime. All of them were good, but not more(CR7 missed agility, Neymar strength/stamina,…). Only my last Striker, Baby Pele 91 was a really special one for me, but everyone is st...
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