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Fast and skillful

I was quiet skeptical when I saw this card originally because it is only 84 rated and costed a descent amount. Thankfully I had all the players in my club, so I decided to see if this card is better than inform Bellarabi. So far he has been phenomenal. His positioning allows him for perfect runs behind and his skill moves allow for space to get in crosses or go past players. Furthermore his pace is very fast and is able to ...
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Sheer class! This card is remarkable. Was lucky enough to pack him in my weekend league red cards and tried him with a link to Sane. His pace feels incredible in the game being able to outpace most players. His runs on the ball are very good and he can easily get behind. I slapped a finisher on him and his longshots went up to 86 and were exquisite. Timed finesse outside the box with his right foot goes in almost every time...
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