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Probably the best keeper so far!!

I have always used Ederson in both Fifa 18 and 19 during the early stages of the game. his gold card is value for money. sharp reflexes and decent one on ones. the only reason why I always have to upgrade to a better keeper is due to his lack of consistent handling, tend to punch rather than save the ball and his inability to save free kicks.But here lies the ULTIMATE UPGRADES! All his flaws are gone! Duri...
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Surprisingly good

He was one of my favourite players at the start of fifa 19. but once I have more money, I went on to upgrade him with the likes of fabinho, makelele, ballack, keane and etc. but with winter upgrading coming, I invested in him. Stucked without any money to buy a better player, I played him the full 30 games of the weekend league and he surprised me a lot!Using 442 formation and ballack the other CM, this gu...
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Mini Gullit

If you ever wanted a gullit but don't have enough money, get this guy!He's amazing with his physical presence. Put him at cam, and he breaks into the box and smash in a long shot for a goal. you want him to attack, put on a hawk. you want him to defend, put on an anchor. he's one of those rare players that can play cdm, cm or cam.he breaks up play, he builds up play, and he finish the pla...
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