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Absolute club legend - 368 G/A in 358 games in top divs and champs. No matter who I have around him in my side, no matter where I play him (CAM, LW, RW, LCM, RCM) he just stands out game after game. Amazing defensively even with Hunter on him, tracks people down and bodies them, smooth on the ball and WF is clutch. He's the lowest rated player in my team (though he's secretly an 87 not an 85) but he's just irreplaceable.

Best part is you can switch between formations because he's so versatile. I don't even skill but he's 5/5 - the most slept on card in FIFA 23 and it's not close. 10/10


Cannot disagree more. Incredible card - best WF finisher on the game. Surprisingly more lethal than Prime Butra, crazy good attacking AI and better physical than most smaller forwards. Smooth as silk on the ball too. 9.5/10 card. Net machine.


Doing a second account as a Farmers league tribute. My rule is no PSG players, but I have to make an exception for this gold card because it's the best coin for coin card of all time. He's still insane and helped me to Rank 3 with my farmers. Have used his 85 OTW in drafts and he's probably the best player I've used in CM all year.


Every year the most underrated FUT card in the game. Monster.


440 G 400 G/A. Thank you for your service club legend. See you when you get your next special.


Right now this game is in the worst place any fifa has been in for a few years. When the gameplay is good, this is a pretty okay game, but the gameplay is SO UNBELIEVABLY BAD for the past week that literally nothing works. passing is broken, shooting is broken, left stick does not exist, player switching is awful, offensive AI is maddeningly stupid, input delay is the worst I can ever remember. Last Friday morning I went 11-0 on unbelievably good gameplay, smooth as silk - since then it's been absolute garbage. It's a waste of time loading it up. FIX YOUR SERVERS EA!!!

Elite/Rank 2/3 Old Gen


213 starts. 116 goals. 121 assists from CAM in a 4312. Absolute godlike. My best player since I packed him. Love him. Rank 3/Elite on Old Gen


I have both and Jude is way way clear. Div1/Elite. Both very good options though and clearly about playstyle preferences or how you use them.

For me Jude is a beast in all CM positions, central stay back, left of right cm in a two or left or right in a three. Probably best as LCM in a two CM formation.

Enzo is very nice though. Chem is a bit of a pain on both.


What a card. Incredible DM - everywhere, incredibly agile and good passing. Slap a shadow on him and he's everywhere.


I cannot believe how insane this card is - i'm a rank 3/4 div1/elite player on old gen. Playing him next to Kounde at the back and what a pairing. The shocking thing so far after 15 games is his animations are incredible, he does crazy tackles and just bodies people all the time. Left footed CBs are harder to find so to stumble across a god tier 12k card like this is amazing. Genuinely ****n away.

Pace split isn't amazing but he doesn't feel slow - I play a high line and manual defend with my CBs a lot. This guy honestly, phenomenal. He's also an 88 rated CB hiding as an 84.




I'll give it a go - thanks for your comment.


Also - there is no skill involved on bad gameplay, because the coding is f***ed and the ball bounces randomly through peoples legs, GK s**t the bed. I don't care if I win or lose - I just want a good gaming experience where the game plays properly and smoothly. EA pays for cheap ass servers and it's so annoying because I just want to log on, play a few games of football and have fun. But Ive never known it be this bad consistently for this long.


OLD GEN - and generally like shorter agile players but came across Bergkamps 90 rated in a draft and was ****n away, he was everywhere. On a pitch with TOTY Beckham and Hakimi he was by far the best player. Felt so smooth, especially at his size. Reminded me a bit of Ronaldinho but without the burst of pace. So I bought this version and 250k is a massive bargain he's insane. Bangs them in with both feet, attacking AI is brilliant, passing is class - such a good card. Never thought I would like a card like this but considering I loved him as a player IRL it's even more fun that he's great.


I only play Fut Champs. I'd rather hang out with you than play squad battles - and that's sayin summin'


Congrats on the most original comment on futbin, you are truly hilarious!


16-4 in WL with him Boufal and Simon up top. He bagged 34 goals in 20 games, many of which were 45mins or less. 29k god. Not far off the funds to upgrade to the Fut Centurion card which must be insane. He's significantly better than a lot of 300k plus cards.


I would say Ben Yedder because he has better attacking AI and more reliable finishing. I love both players in FIFA, no slight on Butra at all - but I had IF Yedder on my second account and he's insane. Centurion must be ridiculous.


Scoring a ton for me but we definitely need an English ST in the mix for those of us doing all English sides. I'll be saving up for Rooney until then.


I don't skill so not interested in the WC version - but how much better than his mid is the prime? Stats wise it's minimal but we all know FIFA, is there a big difference ingame feeling from the mid?

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Incredible DM

Arrived to FUT 23 a little late after a break between games so my team has been behind the power curve to begin with. Seeing a special and upgradable Delaney at 20k I snapped him up as DM is such a key position with FIFA defending. Having used his cards a lot in 22 I was sure he'd be good, and I can confirm he is a monster.I'm undefeated on rivals working my way up and went 15-3 in my first WL of the year....
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