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Its incredible that you are coming here complaining about a FREE card, while has slightly better stats and -1wf from Watkins for which people were paying 80k yesterday.

I assume you expected a Free Haaland....


He was Cb last year as secondary position, so he should also be again. Great starter card anyway, as a CB would be a poor man's Kounde


Got him today and used him in both 4-2-3-1 wide and 4--4-2 next to Haaland, replacing Nkunku. I put hunter on him as originally I thought going 4-4-2. Can't say I was thrilled. He definitely lacks the controlled sprint of e.g. Nkunku.

In the CAM role he performed significantly better, giving some extra strength and holding up ball, will switch him to an Engine.

Definitely would not recommend him as a lone striker.

No regrets for grinding the card, if I consider that last year we got Brobbey!


Inception really called Cunha a "physical type striker"

Dude Cunha is the definition of CAM/Second striker/False 9. Even freaking rpp show that his base stats are better suited as a CF

Inception is also not a great Fifa/FC player. He moans all the time about "how broken the game is" but at the same time he abuses every game mechanic, and the first thing that he dies after losing the ball is activate team press and offside trap, literally doing what every rat would do.


I don't believe alternate positions are correct yet.

Rashford also does not play striker, Mbappe does not play LW etc


Seriously guys, whoever chooses the pack over too perfectly playable cards for the next season, has a gambling addiction


If people were clever they would vote Inaki for POTM so Laliga could have its own Osimhen.

However everyone will vote for a 500k Bellingham SBC


Dumfries is the most OP stay back rb in the game, and you can't change my mind

He comes with a decent pace, combined with tremendous physicals, and great playstyles including whipped pass. You can manage to snipe him for 2,5k with a shadow. He bodies every winger


You can get Rabiot for 6k, Osimhen for 50K, Bremer for 6K Barella for 20K and you call this overpriced where Tonali is 112K and Rashford 150K?

Serie A has the best Value for Money teams for the last 10 years


Definitely my favorite card in game as a right second striker on balanced.

Always comes deeper to play as a trequartista, amazing first touch, very agile, can open plays for the wingers very fast with his great vision and passing, controlled sprint ,great finishing, and finesse plus

This card does it all


Most annoying card to play against for me (by far)


Div 10 moment


Dont know why he is so cheap... I guess it is because 84 pace doesn't sound ***y enough for r2 merchants. However it's a 91 rated card, super finisher, very agile for his height AND the best affordable striker with technical playstyle, which is very op.


Why is it bad that everyone can have a good striker for 40k? Would it be fair for players using Eusebio and Cryuff going against WW Barnes just because someone does not want to spend money on packs for a game he has already paid full price?


People really underestimate how good this gard is as a CAM with hunter.

Controlled sprint is op this year,

Tethnical play style just glides between defenders

Tethical plus : just make sure you give the ball to him and hold r1. Move around with left stick,shoot, goal. Broken!


Considering the not so many strikers in PL, and having used all 3, I can honestly state that he is NOT 240k and 140k worse than Gold Haaland and especially Gold Rashford

Unless you are elite player and you need this extra marginal improvent keep your coins and protect yourself from next incoming crash on gold cards.

Osimhen is obviously better than Watkins for even less coins but due to untradable VVD/Courtois difficult to link

Tbf he is also expensive for what you get for 80k, but you get an 89 rated striker with hunter/hawk, the best in PL for below 100k


I used him for more than 100 games because I REALLY wanted to like him, but I just couldn't.

Yes sometimes he will bully your opponent defenders and score, but in this high press game he can't dribble, he can't pass, he just can't link up play.

I am used of using big strikers, last year around this time TOTW Sorloth was club legend.

If you want a classic striker, around the 200k mark just get Van Basten


I have a small Yorkie as my best friend and I can feel your pain brother. Rest in peace to your little friend. Cat's life is short, but you made it's life happy as the cat also had a best friend that loved


Yeah, his combination of acceleration+agility +technical+first touch make him lethal on the wing, much more than his price suggests.

In any case he is discard value, so people with la liga links should at least try him out

I will evolve him also


Bought him 10 days ago at 210k, already lost many coins, don't care at all. Definitely the best striker I have used. At 160k is a steal. Dude we always di great runs, has a great positioning, great dribbling with r1, can link up play with passing.

From all the cards I have used this year this was the game changer for me


No, just buy Nuno Mendes tradable with 1/4 of price


Cdm/stay back him

B2b/ balanced Jude

Obviously they also fit together


I still use him as my starting GK as I packed him first owner. I use a CAT on him (to boost his Reflexes) and he is decent. Before him I was using Gold Courtois, and I can say that Van Nistelroy is not worse (not better either) but obviously helps a lot with his Chemistry. Obviously a Van der Sar and a Cech would be better if you want to pay the coins for a keeper.

I believe most of the hate comments are from roulette SBCs who were expecting to pack Pele/R9


Such a slept on card, I use him with a catalyst in LM and he is a menace. He has all the right playstyles, technical, finesse, outside the foot shot, he is Brazilian so easy to link. Makes no sense to me he is 3k


Not gonna lie, I have him untradable and I use him as I need a Premier League lb but he is VERY mid


Work rates are not accurate. In official site he is Med/Med

I suppose the same will be for the alternate positions. No way he doesn't play LW


He is a perfectly fine goalie. 87k and you get a 91 rated goalkeeper who is not short , and provides links to everybody. Sure he is not as tall as Courtois or VDS. But generally people hate on all Gk , mostly because the game is trash and every gk concedes some ridiculous goals, or because they expect gk to save all 1 on 1s.

Extra hate does to Van Nistelroy because many people got him from a literally casino sbc, which they were sure they would get AT LEAST an Henry or a Cafu


I was really looking forward for this card but got disappointed. I play him as a stay back CDM in a 4-4-2(2) next to Bellingham and he is worse than TB Rice or even hold Tchouameni.

Maybe it is his lack of playstyles or the work rates

Havent used him as a cb


his TOTW is Tradeable. As game progresses, you can sell to get part of the amount back


Cheap beast for Serie A b2b


Problem with him and most of the high-end content creators is that they do all these reviews very fast. Yesterday which was the 1st day you could get Cunha 2hours later he had already uploaded a review of him AND Rice AND Mitoma AND Giuly at the same time, from the same footage. This can't be good.

Each player needs some time to adjust on his playstyle, and possibly different players fit with different partners. Can't imagine using Van Nistelroy next to Haaland and say "he feels heavy", well DAH!


Kone looks like a great card too, but I have VVD/Belligham/Courtois untradable, which are high end cards, so would make no sense to me to try and add a 3rd league in (for Chemistry purposes)


How will be slept upon? Premier league was severely lacking in LB, and this is arguably the best...


Man, we got it, you wrote it like 1000 times

Paying additional money for virtual packs is plain stupid. If I want to spend for gambling I go to a casino


Finally got him today, grinded every xp I could. Have not played with him yet, hope he is worth it. Mu gold Nkunku served me well as a second striker or CAM, so I have high hopes (despite the lack of playstyles)


Definitely him. Worst case if you don't like him though, you can resell and do Aspas. But for me Griezmann hands down


Poor man's Cantona, very happy with his performance as a second striker next to Osimhen. Great playstyles for a second striker, and trivella shots are auto-goals


Definitely not a CDM, if you play with 1 CDM. Could be used as a b2b CDM next to a physical CDM but still there would be better and cheaper options. May get few upgrades though


Very solid starter card for Serie A stay back CDM


I don't do roulette sbcs,as I believe they are scam, but I did one due to duplicates and got this guy. I got a bit disappointed because I was happy with Militao next to my untradable gold VVD, as I felt that VVD needed Militao's pace and agility as partner. But then I gave him a try mainly for chem purposes and he is SO good. Very aggressive, very strong, have nit looked back at all. He will stay in my starting lineup for the foreseeable future. Would I buy him for 200k? Probably not, but that's just because I try to be cautious with coins


Same stats and positions with Free Cunha


I have him untradable, and I use him in my Serie A team. He plays second striker next to Osimhen (previously EVO Vlahovic), when I play in 4-4-2 or CAM when I play 4-2-3-1 with engine

He is pretty good, and his controlled sprint is immense


Dumfries. He is a tank. Also getting Karsdrop means you don't take Witsel


depends what do you want to use him for. Striker him, CF/secondary striker Bergkamp


Because there are many players now that will be playable in December?


Does anyone else using him have a problem with him coming back to the middle of the pitch/not initiating runs even with stay forward/get in behind?

His work rates seem fine, the instructions are fine, I play direct passing in 4-4-2, my other striker (Lautaro) is on balanced, I don't know why he comes do deep to receive the ball


Overpriced as 99% of SBCs


Best value for coins card in the whole game, idc what anyone says. Quick step+ forwards are OP and all other ones are more than 500k-1MM


ok man, go ahead and pay 700K in fodder/coins (as it is impossible to have managed to have so much fodder) for your precious playstyle plus. i will wait for 1-2 more weeks and get Cunha for free. He will not have the playstyle plus, but I am sure I will manage somehow


If they were confused by time they would have released it 1 hour earlier


If you go for serie A he is a great option, considering that the best lb of the league is super expensive. I also leveled him up +1, as I see that I will be using him for a while as Serie A team's do not have many options in the position


I mean I have 400K sitting so I can buy him. If you need these 200k you can always sell him. I always believe that you can find a slightly worse card performing at 90% of his level for very cheap. This obviously refers to any card. If you want something cheaper e.g. but with technical you can go to Suker who is almost at discard price. If you don't care about technical even Osimhen and Leao are GREAT value for money

If you want technical very cheap, you can't go wrong with Lautaro, he is class for me, still on my bench


Definitely him, but they could also work well together


I use him with Cat to boost his reflexes but confirm he is good, and the extra height compared to Casillas.

To be fair he is not better than gold Courtois but he gets the job done providing the links


Leao ST due to size


Such an amazing card but the 64 long passing ruins it for me tbh. You would expect such low passing stats in a striker, not a midfielder.

Obviously to each his own, some may fall in love with this card


Thanks mate!


I haven't used Cech, generally I do not want to spend coins on GK as they all feel similarly incosistent.I packed him, he is not short, he seems ok, I go with him


Lautaro on an engine is a great secondary striker for me. I really believe is an upgrade from gold Griezmann (who I loved) due to his strength. Technical is also a big plus.

But Dumfries Evo is definitely the best rb


Debinha price


So does Griezman, who is French and 80K


I have him and Courtois both untradable, so very useful for Chem links. Having said that I feel this card for 86 is a bit underwheming and overpriced.

Not very fast (like Barella/Llorente/Valverde), not as good defensively as Tchouameni (who also has great playstyles) and goes for 5K already with shadow etc. I really believe is hype and the Real and English links that make this card so overpriced, as if the car

for me 30K would be a fair price, even though I admit that I use him as I have him utnra and I am quite happy with him (but I am also happy with Tchuameni/Joelinton etc.)


Is Serie A banned from SBCs in FC 24;


Tried his loan, was not thrilled. I get same output by WW Barnes


Its crazy that this card has IMMENSE shooting and strength, bullies everyone, people complain that he turns like a truck and does not link up play well with mediocre passing but noone thinks to give an artist on him.

It transforms the card


Wow dude, no need to offend people that have a condition, what are you? 8 year's old?


I use both in a 4-4-2(2), Trezeguet as the stay back and FDJ on Balanced.


Very similar stats and comparable playstyles with Cunha (in fact some would argue that rapid and trivella would be more important for an attacker) being 1.70 and all this for almost 400k, and people are thrilled.

The hype is strong with this one


you can buy Reece James for 3k and avoid the grind


Pleasantly surprised

I was using a serie A team with Oshimen up top, and I also had Bellingham and Courtois undreatable, until magically I packed VVD as well. Trying to hybrid 3 leages wasn't easy for me so I started searching for a EPL/Real Hybrid. I tried also Haaland, but while he was very good, the 300K coins were just not justified in the pitch. He definitely was not 10 times better than OsimhenLooking around in EPL stri...
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