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My soldier,my guy, I bought you for 60k and you played almost 600 games for me.You were there from the struggles of div 7 to being in div1. Always there,always passionate, giving your all. I tried many players but I would always return to you. I was looking for a replacement only because you were very similar to my OTW Kessie. I did DePaul SBC ,who is not better, but has different characteristics. Sold you because you deserved to continue your career and not rot on my bench.

Maybe a upgraded version of you will be released and you will be welcomed home once again. Coca Juniors LEGEND!


They are all sleeping on this card. If he was in Premier League it would cost 10 times more. Unbreakable duo with my OTW Kessie


People who complain about this card,literally complain about everything. His gold card was OP during the first days of the game. He is a huge physical presence lengthy, with 86 acceleration and 77 agility. His speed/agility match Kounde, with the physicality of early gold Araujo. Comparing this card with Phenom Militao or Kounde that cost ****/300k is ridiculous. I did him with fodder, will try him out,worst-case he will be my late time cb sub


Wow the price crash...


Emotional damage


Dude, he is discard price. Even if he was not one of the best strikers in the game imo, how can he be "not worth it" ?


Inaki is as OP as Renato Sanches in FIFAs


Hunter for Striker/Engine for CAM in a 4-2-3-1


His gold card was fantastic early in the game, I will try him


Thinking of changing my WC Carvajal to him.His overall looks 1 less but both his defense and physical are significantly better with what seems to be a very cheaper price

Will his Left foot be an issue considering he has 5 * wf?


Because your opponent loses contracts,his players gets worse stats and he loses time, because you are in a hurry. Are you dumb?


Ican tell you that putting Architect to Benzema making him lengthy did slow him down compared to a hunter.

Not sure if lengthy does make cards faster, but definitely do not cover a +8 boost.

In fact in YouTube there was a test with Thiago Silva with Anchor (Lengthy +4 speed) vs Catalyst (Controlled +8 speed) and Catalyst was faster with or without ball


Cant believe that people don't use him more in a second striker role, as I see many playing him as a midfielder. I got Al Owairan from my wc hero pre-order pack and Cahill fits next to him perfectly. Strong,good passer for through balls, great balance to hold up ball,good header, good finisher under 50k,which basically will never really drop significantly.


His stats are very comparable to Benzema, with 1/5 of the price, and he will certainly get further upgrades

Great card at such value,can play both as Striker and CAM with proper chemistry cards


You meant to say "with more pace and more defense and more physical and left footed"


Yeach, I am guessing max 120k.

Mascherano and Ricardo Carvalho are Premier League and have better country links. Also Carvalho has 80 in pace which is not materially different but affects people. Maybe it is just a wish though as i want him in my team


Yeah, why would someone use a 11K discard price card when the in-game stats are similar to cards that cost 200K coins right? It would be so much better if everyone would just spend in Fifa points


Can we admit that continuing to be lenghty after appying Finisher (thus improving a lot his dribbling issues) makes him an even better striker than Haaland with Hunter?

Even RPP comparison says so...


2 months later they still release worse cards than Merino RN


Of course I would get him in my OTW pack


Sure, but then again RPP disagree with you. As a said, unpopular opinion.


Bought him back. I did a list with CMs with 75+ agility/80+ Pace/80+ Passing/85+def/85+Physical. Only 10 players make the list. Prime Matheus, WW Kante, Prime Essien, Phenom Bellingham, PTG Guimaraes, WC Petit,Mid Vieira and Zambo.

This is how good he is.

De Paul is also a good card, but I want both my CDMs on the defensive style and Merino is much better than De Paul in defense, also due to height and H/H workrates


Dude, it is almost 1mm untradable... Without really knowing if you like him or not, for a card that maybe useless in 2-3 months

If you have so many coins,you may as well buy him and sell taking a max 100k loss


Dude,he is literally the 3rd best striker in La Liga, with almost guaranteed +2 upgrade, he is now 25k,what kind of trading scam you think the previous guy is trying to pull off?

He is currently a bargain


We really didn't need a 4th Valverde card within a week of the game's release, there were dozens of other choices


you can try to stop constant pressure and depth at 80/100 to avoid over the top through balls


Considering that the other options in Serie A LW are Chiesa and Leao costing more than 20k, Rebic is a no-Brainerd for me. Strong, fast, good work rates. With an engine, this card is VERY serviceable




I had bought WC Capdevilla for 210k and sold him for 470k for profit.

Honestly I don't see material difference. Unless you are a pro or something 470k is crazy for a LB


Users that call him ****e have obviously never really used him. I played apps 20 division rivals matches with him in div 3 in a 4-2-2-2 and he scored 17 with 11 assists with hunter. His acceleration is great, in sprint he is supported from the lengthy, and his strength is critical for getting all these goals in the area.

Obviously he is not Mbappe, but I played against many of Mbappe users and he had a field day. Pleasant surprise for me as originally I did him for a super sub,but he earned his spot


Whats the deal making all cards premier league?


Yes, because also skill matters, and fifa points/coins can only take you so far


Got Joe Cole and Brolin from the hero SBCs, and Al Owairan in pre-order WC hero,and today SBC Figo, can't complain, it's a W


Too much effort for very average cards tbh


I remember the time that people didn't get pride in paying real money on top of paying the game to stay competitive


Mbappe v2 without links required as striker


Yes, Moreno can actually turn :rofl:


Emre Can is a great card tbf, I wonder why I don't see it more often


Shold I replace RB Pique who performs greatly (he plays next to my untradable OTW Rudiger), or play him LB? I am a bit worried on the Strength


Used him for 200+ matches in a 4-2-2-2 next to Kessie. Sold him because I got Park Ji Sung WC untradable. HUGE MISTAKE, coming back asap


Rearly depends on the playstyle. Vini is great if you use skills all the time. In a more straightforward game Carrasco is better (and I am comparing gold cards)


OOP promo was really heavily skewed towards premier league


Yes, I use him with Catalyst as a LM in a 4-2-3-1 (2) ,with instructions come back on defense/ cut inside/get in behind and he is great.

He is high/high ,he does nice moves into space and his height makes him feel stronger


People are sleeping on a card that requires no links for full chemistry and is perfectly rounded


I personally use a 4-2-2-2 with both Falcao and Sorloth up front. Falcao with a hunter. Tbh if you play with 1 striker Sorloth is better due to size/strength. Falcao has great passing stats and the complement each other great (at least for me)


No, I compared stats and prices, it is called value for money


Also because of hype and links. If e.g. Martial would have same stats and height with French and Premier links he would cost 100k+


Got him in my icon sbc pack. Pretty dissapointed tbh as I have already Untradables OTW Kessie and Gold Valverde in my 4-2-3-1 and honestly he looks worse than both. I only used fodder for him,but if fodder was gone anyway I would have preferred to get Alex Telles to at least be able to get my Mendy coins back. Or at least any position that I dont have Untradables.


WC Forlan


Packed him untradable, he is a great CAM with an artist. He is already very fast and strong, and you add great passing and dribbling


I have both, and I would say him, if you can link him properly. The fact that you can apply a finisher and make him very agile without losing on his pace is a big +. Morientes still good though, maybe a better finisher in the box,but he feels more clunky


WIl there be a WC hero Morientes?


I play the exact same duo in a 4-2-2-2, are leading me easily in div.3 facing million coin teams.


Yes, I was division 2 before end of season 2 and have used both. The +9 in acceleration is really important in the counter and the through balls


He is already +3 , Araujo will never get +3 from upgrades, would be lucky to get a +1 generic across all stats


I will go marksman and striker


Yeach, I am happy with Carvajal tbh


HIm and Lautaro


Not really, South Corea and Uruguay are not unbeatable, fairly open group


Return of the King


Merino RB for me. I really like Camavinga though, would prefer him,but he is just too expensive


Literally all laliga


Worder in every possible way vs Danjuma or discard price Avila


Tbf unless you use his 5*skills or his links, Danjuma is better, and I have Vini untradable


Hero max 89 will drop their prices as many people will get them,so no much demand. On combination with black Friday, prices will drop


I have a full la Liga team and when Falcao dropped I had no second thought in my mind that I would do him as an upgrade on Sorloth in my 4-2-3-1. I was also lucky enough to pack Neuer in the 83 team,so I literally dod Falcao for profit. Having played more than 15 rivals div 5 games I am underwhelmed. He obviously lacks the physical presence of Sorloth, but he doesn't even make up in the other areas for me. He feels sluggish, and despite the hunter on him he also misses a lot of shots inside the area


Sure but POTM Valverde is more similar card to Park than RB Merino. Faster with lower Physicals and Defending. So I can understand the switch easier because the cards are comparable. As you said, each people work better with different body types/cards. I find it interesting that someone would start calling "skill issue" when you are actually using a lower price card with better results and they don't even know if you are Div 10/5 or Elite


RB Merino with Kessie for me


He is not free,he requires time investment. There are many cards as good as him at discard price


Best affordable striker in the game, hands down, 90-rated with a finisher

1.90, with 90 acceleration, strong, excellent finishing and agility, great header, serviceable passing

16k is a steal


I picked him over Cannavaro and Blanc and I play him at LM in a 4-2-3-1 wide. He scored 6 and assisted 4 in 12 games of Champs. He is not the greatest card,but very solid. His aggression and strength show on the pitch, and his trivelas are op


Realistically very similar with Griezmann, considering he needs some dribbling, can't understand the price descrepancy, apart from "Barca" tax and LeNgthY obsession

Having said that Lenghty players are better utilized (even by FIFA own wordings) over a long distance. Why would you need this from your CAM? All you need is an extra explosion in the first 5 meters


Mendy is similar rated in all stats related to a defender (so Telles is better in passing or shooting not tremendously needed if you play him as LB) and most importantly Mendy is tradable


Picked him over Del Piero and Puyol. I needed a player to play LM in my 4-2-3-1 (I have untradables Al Owairan and base Jairzinho an CAM/RM)

I was considering to buy Smolarek but I did him purely with fodder. Anyone used him on the wings? Is med/med an issue?


This card ,stats wise is VERY similar to Gerard Moreno RTTK who will also get +2, but Moreno costs 22k and Ronaldo will be over a million


Will play CAM for me in my 4-2-3-1 Serie A, what a beast card


Disasterous SBC, for a short GK, that doesn't provide any Chemistry




100 depth and constant pressure doesn't work anymore?


I would say Sorloth


Unpopular oppinion but I got him from the SBC as untradable and I was super excited but after I played 10 games with him I got a bit dissapointed

I run a 4-2-2-2 or a 4-2-3-1

It is a very well rounded card but does not excel to anything

a) as winger, those fantastic defensive/physical stats are not super useful in the wing. He lacks a bit in pace and passing compared to 200K wingers

b) as a CDM even the more attacking one, he replaced my RB Merino, and he is significantly worse. -5 in Def and -4 in Phy while being 4 inches shorter are not replacable by speed and shooting for a CDM


Hidden Gem

While I have an excellent (for my coins) team in RTG (Rudiger and Valverde untradable) I lack forwards. I usually play 4-2-3-1 but my CAM is used as a secondary forward. I tried a lot. I tried various players (Danjuma/Correa/Felix/Lemar/Ferran Torres) for CAM. Looking at Griezmann and his price, I was put off. Somthing should be wrong right? So i bought him for 2,5K WITH a HunterThis guy is amazingly fast ...
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Never dissapoints/ Real Bargain

With the help of the points of the ultimate edition I was able to built a very decent serie A squad. Shomurodov is a beast striker, poor man's Haaland. I opened my OTW free play and Schotterberk was in it. However with the objectives I opened the 100K free pack. To my biggest suprise, not only OTW Ruddiger was in, but also ValverdeSo I sold all my Serie A team, time to ma...
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