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Objective opinion, a beast...

Normally I don't write any reviews here before 15-20 games. But this time I had to. I really had to. Why? A bit long story but here goes. Because since I got some pack luck and a hell of trade I got a team with Icons but the problem was I couldn't find a striker for me ( the style I play ) I had Aubameyang 87 and I always loved him. I tried many strikers through the game ( CR7, R9 baby, Bale Futbirthday, Raul Prime, Stiochk...
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Just Wow

In the formation I play I always had the same problem. Which CAM?? Because I play with a Hybrid Squad i either have to play with an EPL CAM or an icon. I tried a lot of players there. Before the hybrid squad i had an Epl squad and played Eriksen there. For me Eriksen is the most underrated CAM in the game. He is better than KDB. I used them both. Anyway this is Hazards review. After using Eriksen and wanted an even more eff...
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Most underrated CAM

Well where do I start. I simply love this guy. I started to write the review and think that I said everything in my second sentence. I tried Dele Alli when I started Fifa 19. upgraded to Eriksen and they are levels apart. Afterwards I decided to upgrade to KDB because last year I played with him and he was a class apart. But this year, it was the worst decision I've ever made. For me and this is a personal opinion Eriksen i...
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