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Monster as a CB

bought him for the perfect links with UCL Filipe Luis and Griezmann and oh man this triangle is nasty, this guy on the CB just don't let anyone get past him, doesn't matter if you face lucas on drugs he'll catch up to him, extremely smart, first CB I use that I can use some sort of skills to find space when being pressured, since I bought him he just got the job done, I just wanted to test him and would sell right away, but...
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I got him untreadeble, so he's a starter since ever and forever, as an 86 as he is now he just won't let anyone get through him, literally, his side on the field is the side you won't have any trouble, doesn't matter if u r facing douglas costa or neymar (if it is the TOTY might matter) he's just a wall, as stronger as my CB and as faster as the wingers he matches against, attackers can't score headers on the backpost if he...
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What a MAN

Best striker you could get in the prem for the price, not mentioning the possibility of getting upgrades if he gets further IF, but as an 87 he gets the job done, did 98% from his games on WL and Div Rivals and this man gets it done as a lone striker, some times when stronger CB wouldn't let him get into the middle, he would receive the ball on the sides of the field and this guy know how to cross, lovely for a ST, he's doi...
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