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Clinical striker

I believe I do not have to explain largely why he is awesome: the stats speak for themselves. The double four-star is nice, the composure and finishing unreal and the heading too. Since he now costs around 2 million coins, I´d say he´s worth it. It´s hard to find negatives, but if you are really picky you could criticize his agility, stamina and maybe his pace.
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A pleasing suprise

As I bought him I thought he would be the first one to be replaced by an icon. But after a few games, I realized that he is much better than I thought he´d be. Both four stars are vital for this card just as his height is great. He seems to be everywhere on the pitch and even is agile despite being tall. Surprisingly for me, he is able to finish and score some goals too! Overall I really rate him, although he has some nega...
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An invisible force

I luckily packed him as a red. In 87 games he weirdly only assisted 1 goal and scored none. That´s why I called him invisible in the first place. At the same time, he is definitely a force in the defense. His agility and dribbling are on point, his passing is great and the defending is as good as you would expect. I still see a problem with the jumping of 81, although he can compensate it with his height. The strength rema...
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