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Perfect striker

Reus is by far the best player I've used in this Fifa. This is comparing him to the likes of futmas son, prime raul and some other great players. He is definitely an endgame player, and is actually worth the money provided you don't have any of the other Reus POTM cards. I haven't tried either of his other cards, so I have no way of comparing them, but for under 1 million and a guarantee he's going to get an upgrade to at l...
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Surprisingly great

I didn't know what to expect when I got him as one of my red cards, as this would mean replacing futmas Son at st (who was at 10 chem with a hunter chemistry style) and moving him to ram. For me he was 100% better than Son there, due to his agility alone, which proved to be great for me. If you get this guy on the ball in the box he's going to score, and if he loses the ball he's going to fight for it. Overall Rashford is a...
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My favourite player so far in fifa 19, so good that I had to write a review for him. Once you get how to use him and abuse some skills, he's up there with some of the best non-icons in the game. He's able to shoot from anywhere, especially with timed finesse shots as he has the finesse shot trait. He seems to be much faster than his stats say, probably due to his 95 agility and 90 acceleration making turning with him rapid....
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