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The Fastest Players In EA Sports FC 24

The full database has now dropped for EA FC so we can have a look through and find our perfect starter teams. What’s the one thing every team needs? Pace. Luckily for you we’ve gone through and picked out the Top 10 fastest players in EA FC. With the addition of PlayStyles+, these cards will feel even faster than their actual card stat suggests. 

#10 - Delphine Cascarino - 94 Pace

Women are a new addition to Ultimate Team in EA FC which means this is Cascarino’s debut in the game mode.

94 pace and 88 dribbling is certainly a great way to make your mark in game.

She also has the Quick-Step PlayStyle+ which is going to give her a significant boost when accelerating.


#9 - Sheraldo Becker - 94 Pace

Sheraldo Becker was a FIFA 23 legend, with both a very meta Shapeshifter card and a Rulebreakers in the early game. 

Well he’s back once again in EA FC but has unfortunately received a pace downgrade. 

He’s dropped from 95 to 94 but we still think he’s going to feature in plenty of starter teams.


#8 - Jeremie Frimpong - 94 Pace

Everyone’s go to right back at the start of FIFA 23 is here to feature in your teams once again.

Frimpong has kept his 94 pace from last year and has received a monster +3 upgrade!


#7 - Trinity Rodman - 94 Pace

Just like Cascarino, this will be Rodman’s first year featuring in Ultimate Team and she too enters with a 94 paced winger card.

The USWNT attacker will be one of the most sought after cards with 83 shooting and 83 physical to add to her electric pace! 


#6 - Sirlord Conteh - 95 Pace

Our first and only silver to make the Top 10 is Paderborn striker, Sirlord Conteh.

We can’t see many people using this from day one as the only thing going for him is the pace.

However, after a few evolutions or a special item, this could be a really tidy card.



#5 - Alphonso Davies - 95 Pace

The Canadian full back may have received a -1 downgrade this year but we don’t care about that because his pace has increased.

Davies moves up from 94 to 95 pace in EA FC, the Frimpong x Phonzie full back partnership is one to be scared of.

#4 - Vini Jr - 95 Pace

There’s no doubt about it, Vini Jr will be one of the most expensive cards in the game and will stay that way for a good few months.

He’s another with the Quick Step PlayStyle+, making him even faster than his 95 pace card stat!

If you pack him early on, congratulations in advance!


#3 - Moussa Diaby - 95 Pace

Moussa Diaby, rejected Saudi money, he’ll play for AVFC.

If Diaby wasn’t broken enough in FIFA 23, he’s been given a +2 pace upgrade and has even better links. 

We’re low-key hoping he doesn’t get any special cards because we’re not ready to face him!


#2 - Karim Adeyemi - 96 Pace

Karim the Dream Adeyemi get’s a huge +5 OVR boost this year and a +3 to his pace, taking him to 96!

He’s one card we’ve already seen plenty of in starter teams and we might have to bite the bullet and pick him up too.

Just one pace point shy of the top spot!


#1 - Kylian Mbappe - 97 Pace

Was it ever in doubt? This is the 6th year in a row that Mbappe has started with at least 96 pace and the 3rd year running with 97!

He’s one of the best players in the world and it’s no surprise that he looks to have the best card in EA FC once again.


Will any of these cards make your starter team?

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